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Travera to offer Blue Faery’s community of patients complimentary access to their Rapid Therapy Guidance Test!

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Travera offers a new clinical diagnostic test developed at MIT and Dana Farber to predict clinical response to as many as 20 cancer drug therapies against your live cancer cells. You simply have a small sample of your live cancer cells sent to Travera in a special test kit, and two days later, your doctor receives an analysis of cellular response against as many as 20 different drugs, so you can better choose your next bridge therapy.

As a CLIA-approved test, this assay is currently only available in the US and will require an order from your testing physician, but Travera can help you get that order. The test is available via clinical trial or Early Access Program.

If you are expecting to change therapy in the coming weeks or months and can have a sample collected from a simple biopsy or a malignant fluid drain (ascites or pleural effusion). Travera can work with you.

Visit or call 781-874-0808

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wow!!! What an awesome gift this is! My husband was on multiple meds and it was all guesswork as to which one to use next. Thanks for all you do!!!! Bonnie

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This is so awesome! Love that you are always doing everything possible to make a difference in the lives of patients with HCC. ❤️❤️❤️

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Is this saying that you have to do a liver biopsy for the test? Can the sample be from a prior biopsy?

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If the tissue is still available, I expect so. The best thing to do is to reach out Travera. 😊