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Blue Faery Liver Cancer

Introduce Yourself!

To best serve you, we want to know who you are. Are you a patient, a survivor, a caregiver (includes spouses, family, friends)? For an extra special touch, show us a photo of yourself, your dog, your cat, whatever you like.

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Hello all! My name is Azure (but you can call me spazure, my nickname and username here). I'm a 30something parent living with their spouse and 3yr old child. I enjoy knitting, crochet, and being more fond of toddler cartoons than is rational for one of my age. My current loves are Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Doc McStuffins, although my true love will always be Care Bears.

My exposure to liver cancer was brief, but extremely painful. My father was diagnosed 2 weeks before we found out (he kept it a secret, wanted to pass without worrying us...), and by then he was already in the final stage. We took him to the hospital on his birthday in June 2017, and he left us 5 days later. As such, I have very little insight into treatments, because while I heard about several -- we never had a chance to try any. I'm always happy to help people navigate confusing medical jargon and point towards excellent resources, however.

Mostly I'm here as a fellow caregiver to make sure everybody is kind to one another, safe, and nobody has to go through this alone.


Hi Everyone, I am a Blue Faery Board Member and also work in the healthcare industry doing monitoring & evaluation, quality assurance, and process improvement

My mission is to improve healthcare, and place the patient at the center of the focus!


Welcome, Matthew!