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Swollen abdomen

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I am trying hard to eat to keep weight on. One thing I don't understand: "why does my abdomen sometimes feel distended and tight?". I ask as even if I have eaten little that day this will occur and it is a large hurdle to overcome in terms of trying to eat. If anyone has experienced this and found a solution please advise.

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My guess would be that it's either because your liver is swollen or there's fluid. With HCC, also have to keep an eye on constipation especially if you're on pain meds. Have they checked for ascites?

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RolloMayPatient in reply to DancingEyes63

Thanks for your reply. The distention/tightness is intermittent (present one day, then not again for a week). I think you may be right re: constipation. Thanks for your feedback. Helpful!

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