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Does anyone know the best treatment center for Hepatocellular Carcinoma?

I know that MD Anderson is always ranked #1 for "Cancer"; but didn't know how they ranked in "HCC".

I realized when a family member had pancreatic cancer 7 years ago, the best center depended on the "type" of cancer. She found a center in Arizona which was top and lived an additional 2 years with stage 4b, which is rare.

Thanks for your time.

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I agree that MD Anderson is first but Dana Farber in Boston is third. Sloan Kittering ( not sure of spelling ) in NYC is second. But I agree that certain ones are better for different cancers.

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Hey Rollo,

Not all cancer centers are the same and often they do specialize in particular cancers. Both USC and UCLA have excellent liver cancer specific centers. If you would like a second opinion, our Medical Advisory Chair, who specializes in HCC and works at Sloan Kettering, can give you one via telemedicine.


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RolloMayPatient in reply to AndreaWilson_Founder

Important! (Let me know if I can correspond with you confidentially regarding this)! When diagnosed (6 months ago), a colleague gave me a list of 4 best HCC Dr's in US. One at UCLA, USC, another in CA, and one at Sloan Kettering. Is there much difference between UCLA and Sloan Kettering. Since this regards my life: Bottom line: I am apparently seeing your medical advisory chair, currently. Would I be better off at UCLA or is the difference minor? Please reply, impartially; as it seems you already have above. Please clarify.

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