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Hanging In There

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Hi everyone. We're hanging in there and hopefully y'all are too. Jimmy participated in a video call interview the week before last so there was some nervous excitement leading up to that. This makes three interviews for him now. do encourage everyone to get involved in these if you can. I participated in a couple of online forums the last few weeks. I was happily surprised to run into someone I'd met on here during one of them . Saturday we had a great night. We went to an annual rodeo and street dance located in a nearby small town.

Jimmy's Hospice nurse came today. She told us that the Nurse Practitioner will start dropping in to check on Jimmy every 90 days. After she left , Jimmy asked me if he was doing worse and that was why she was starting to see him. I l laughed and told him to the contrary. She's coming became it's been six months and you're still alive. LOL.

Heres a picture of the two of us at the street dance.


Sharon Dixon

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Aww i love seeing updates like this! It’s so good to see that positive outcomes can and do happen.

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That NP will quickly learn that Jimmy is a rock star! 🙂 Love the photo, and also the ones you shared on FB when you found him out in the garden. What a peaceful place for a nap!

I'm happy you have these days together, these memories that will be treasured, and that in the midst of it all, you both still give back to this community and help with research. Love to you both!


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Thanks Wendy. Yes Jimmy thought something was showing up that the nurse and I hadn't told him and that was why the NP. 😂. I told him that I would never lie to him about that. That if I knew something, he'd know it too. We know we're living on borrowed time but I'll take every day the Lord wants to give us. A lady blasted me on one of my support groups the other day, because I had jokingly made the statement about telling the band they better know all the words to Big in Vegas by next Rodeo. Told me didn't I know there was no cure , blah, blah, blah. Like I was trying to insinuate he was cured or something. I'm afraid the redhead came out in my reply. I'm surprised I didn't get kicked from the group. 😂. Told her I was well aware after two years of this that there was no cure. That even if he was cured of the cancer, I was sure the cirrohsis or pancreatitis or COPD or one of his other health issues would be happy to kill him. I mean , be real. I'm well aware that 2 weeks from now his liver could shut down. Heck today it could. But I can't live my life waiting for the other shoe to drop. We have to LIVE ya know? Heck the knowledge of the situation makes us live life to the fullest and cherish every little minute. Because I don't know which minute will be the last one I have with him. Well I'm fixing to go fry some okra fresh from the garden to go with our lunch. Love you and I'm so very glad God sent you to be my friend. ❣️❣️❣️Sharon ❣️

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You and Jimmy are truly LIVING with cancer and choosing Joy everyday!!!! You both are such an encouragement to others and am sure you gave the woman in that group something to think about!!! Continued prayers for both of you!!! ❤️Bonnie

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Hi BonnieYes, we are trying to enjoy and cram all the living we can in whatever time we have. His nurse came by today and said he's looking good. He's actually gained a little more weight back because he's eating good right now. He does have to rest and nap when he's tired and some days he feels better than others. September 10 is his birthday so we're almost there. ♥️🙏♥️

Sharon 💕

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