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Seeking HCC patients & caregivers for interviews

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In collaboration with Eisai and the Global Liver Institute, Blue Faery is producing the One Liver To Love campaign to change the narrative about liver cancer by providing information, resources, and support to the community to encourage understanding, support, and love.

We want to feature real stories from real people affected by liver cancer. In-person and virtual interviews with an honorarium provided.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please reach out to our colleagues at HashtagHealth who will be organizing the interviews.

Email and put "Referred by Blue Faery" in the subject line.

💙 Andrea

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Hey everyone.I encourage y'all to get involved and take part in this project. If we don't speak up and share our experiences and what needs to be changed, change won't happen. Wonderful way to be an advocate for everyone fighting or who has fought this horrible disease.

💕 Sharon

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Brittany is working on setting us up for June 2. ❤️

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