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I was diagnosed with liver Mets on 10/11/21 it came from my pancreas which was Sclerosing epithiliod fibrosarcoma and now there is too many tumors to count. What do I need to expect and how long until I have symptoms?

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Hello and welcome to the forums!

Every case is unique, so a doctor would know better than us what sort of a timeline you're looking at. The liver is very, very good at dealing with damage without triggering pain -- which can be both a blessing and a curse.. nobody wants pain, of course -- but if it hurt sooner, people could get evaluated and helped sooner.

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Welcome to the forum. I'm so sorry to hear about it spreading to your liver. My husband's cancer is HCC so started in his liver due to hepatitis C and cirrhosis. Praise God, so far it's stayed only in liver. Since every case is different as well as every patient, your oncologist will have more informed answers than I could give. There are several treatments that can help slow down liver cancer. Hopefully they will get you started on one of them. If so, many of us can give you our experience with them. Praying you get answers. ❤Sharon

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