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HCC Any New Up to Date Recommendations?

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Hi, I had as liver resection last May 2021 . My cancer came back 8 months later which is this past January.

It has been recommended that I have a Y-90. And Immunotherapy. After a consult with all my DR's it is now recommended that I have a consult with the Transplant team at a nearby hospital. So much is happening so fast. It is hard for me to take it all in. If one is to qualify for a liver transplant you can not have had any systemic treatment which includes Immunotherapy. I can move forward with the Y-90.

I am an otherwise 68 year old healthy female with no other liver disease or major health issues.

Has anyone had a transplant or other treatment that they think could be helpful?

Thank you,


8 Replies
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Iggy. I understand your frustration and decisions you have to make. Almost 5 years ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 HCC with 2 metastasis. No surgery was possible because it was 11 cm tumor with portal vein thrombosis. I was given 6 months. Took a chance on Y90 and 53 infusions of Opdivo. Today doing well. No metastasis and tumor shrunk to 5 cm. Just something to think about. Prayers also were the most important part of treatment. Prayers and blessings to you. Wayne

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Hi Iggy, I was diagnosed HCC in February, 2021. I started treatment with Avastin + Tecentriq immediately. My tumors shrunk & in August, 2021 , I had Interventional Embolization & the tumors are gone. I went back on the A & T treatment a month after surgery. I am grateful for the A & T treatment. My faith & prayers have kept me grounded throughout this journey. I wish you peace. Teri

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Iggy08713287Patient in reply to dylan620

Thank you for this information. It is very helpful! Prayers are always welcome for all of is.

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Iggy08713287Patient in reply to dylan620

Thank you !!!

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Hi Iggy, I was my husband’s caregiver while he had terminal HCC. He had a liver transplant at UCSF in Fall 2020. We decided not to do immunotherapy because he would not make it without getting a liver transplant. We were blessed with an excellent radiologist who was able to keep my husband alive with Y90 procedures until he was able to get the transplant. Before the transplant, we had filled out paperwork saying it was okay if the liver was not 100%\potentially not good. That turned out saving his life. All of our many living donors had been disqualified for one reason or another. He had lived a couple months past the date they said he would be dead, but we knew he was going to last much longer. We began to give up hope he’d make it to a liver transplant, but we got the call that a 75 year old man with hep B had passed. would we accept that liver? Heck yes! He is now taking all the immunosuppressant drugs to keep his liver. There are side effects with the drugs, but definitely worth it. He’s 63 now. We hope this helps.

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Iggy08713287Patient in reply to CaringForMike

Wow amazing! I am so happy for both of you!I know about the medication one has to take. But it’s great to just be alive. How long did you wait for the liver once you had your first consult?

I turned 68 this past January but have no other illness and all my other organs are good. I know the age is usually 65.

I imagine the surgery and recovery was extensive. My liver resection was done traditionally and that was a tough recuperation.

I wish you well and appreciate the reply.

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CaringForMike in reply to Iggy08713287

He was given the terminal diagnosis in July 2018. Yes, it’s taking a long time to recuperate from the liver transplant. He still can’t bend all the way in the middle easily (maybe he never will?). We were very lucky to have excellent doctors. We wish you well too. We know how scary this is. I really hope you have a good caregiver and social network to help you through.

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Magictoo in reply to CaringForMike

Wow! My husband at 74 was told he would not probably get a transplant due to his age. Also, the tumor's location was inoperable. He had a microwave oblation in March 5 2022 but recurrence occurred December. He had a microwave oblation January 24th. We are waiting for a result. We get a scan of his lungs this week to see if the two nodes in there are malignant. He has primary liver cancer. They are talking tecentriq and Avastin.

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