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Mum has liver cancer and cirrhosis, help and advice please


My mum has primary liver cancer, she had 2 smaller tumours they managed to abalate one of them but the other one they couldn't get to as she has cirrhosis the liver was too scared to get to it and it was deeper in. They will try abalation again and are putting her on liver transplant list. I am very scared, keep panicking and thinking the worst of everything. Can anyone whose been in a similar situation tell me how you coped? I just really hope that the tumours don't spread as they said if they do she won't survive long on chemo and they can't do the transplant. I'm so worrying about everything. What are your experiences of primary liver cancer and cirrohisis? Does it spread easily?

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The fact that she's on the liver transplant list is HUGE! This is such a sneaky cancer and it is usually too late for a transplant by the time it is caught. That's a major tick in the win column. I unfortunately have not had experience with transplants and chemo as my father was discovered too late for any of that, but I know others will be able to chime in with their experiences shortly.


I'm a doctor who takes care of patients with liver cancer.

Sorry to hear about your mom. To get a diagnosis of liver cancer is always scary. But the silver lining here is that she has early stage cancer. Just do your best and work with your doctors to get on the transplant list. Transplant is a great option for her.

Stay positive, all the best!

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