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Starting blood pressure medication for the first time

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Hi all,

I’ve decided to bite the bullet and take medication given to me by my doctor, he has prescribed 25mg losartan which I’m going to start tomorrow night. I’m a little nervous and not really knowing what to expect. Any advice would be appreciated thank you

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Hi Dean. I took the bp med ramipril and had a severe reaction and was ill for some time. This was last year and I said no to any BP meds after that . My Dr has been badgering me though, and now recommends Losartan as he himself had to go on it after not feeling well on ramipril and feels fine. I checked some posts on here as well and others have said they've taken it no problem. Like you I'm going to have to bite the bullet, but after researching them all it may be a better one to go for. Sorry I have no personal story yet but thought I'd tell you what I know so far if it helps at all.

Hi Dean. The thing with the meds is that they can affect different people in different ways as what suits one doesn't necessarily suit another. It's best to try them and see how you, personally, get on with them and if they don't suit you, there's always something else to try. Good luck.

Check with a local pharmacist, they're really helpful and are the experts in medication advice. They're also very practical and good at explaining things in layman's terms.

When you’re first asked to got on BP meds it’s a shock and you resist! I like to think of them as replacing what your body ought to be doing but isn’t, and that they will help me to NOT have a stroke etc.Read the pack details carefully.

Otherwise, what others have said I totally agree with.

Hello all thank you all for the reply’s it’s very kind of you all. Update is a didn’t take the pill last night thought I completely chickened out. I’m making a huge Conscious effort to lower it naturally I’m giving myself 1 month and if that doesn’t work I’ll do it. I woke up this morning and checked my BP and it was 141/89 highest and 138/88 lowest. We usually have a couple of drinks on a Saturday night but I’m cutting that out unless family gathering or the like which is never 😁. I used to cycle 100 miles a week I’m going to get back into that. Also eat higher potassium foods. Any advice is always appreciated

well that bp reading is perfect,what will you gain by taking a pill only side effects and bp so im informed is always higher in morn, keep off them

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