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New to high blood pressure

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How long did it take for your blood pressure to settle and go down? I’m taking 50mg Losartan but was on ramipril for a little while before that, I got the cough with it and changed.

My b/p is still erratic and I started the meds just 3 months ago. The gp is calling me next week x

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No ones replied to you Molly so I will put my penny-worth in, I’ve not been on either of these. My bp settled within three weeks of being prescribed - I didn’t have a monitor then and just went back for a blood test and BP check and all was settled.You say your BP is erratic so before you speak to your GP I would suggest that you take it at the same time each day, twice a day, at least three readings and if the first is a bit high throw it away and take three more. Eyes closed, no talking, slow quiet breathing while you’re doing it.

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Molly108 in reply to Happyrosie

Thank you for replying. I’ve been doing regular readings since I started treatment and got told to do it twice a day etc like you suggested. I was wondering if my blood pressure is linked to my long covid and asked my gp and she was going to look into this in more detail. I just didn’t know if it was normal for a couple of months to pass.

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Happyrosie in reply to Molly108

You could have a word with Blood Pressure Uk, the charity that has a handle on this sort of thing.

Mine took three months to settle but not until I gave up caffeine entirely; nowadays I have a maximum of 2 decaf drinks pd with little effect on my BP.

I switched to decaf about 6 months ago to help with the headaches I was getting due to my long covid.

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