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Blood pressure smart watch

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Hi, can anyone recommend a smart watch that takes blood pressure readings? Thanks

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I’m not sure there is one , there are some bp monitors that you wear on your wrist but these are not a smart watch and are generally considered less accurate that the upper arm ones. I have one that has the device attached to the cuff and it is pretty accurate and convenient, omron evolv, not the cheapest but works well for me

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rosie97 in reply to Bassman65

Thanks for answering. I do have a tabletop one. There are a few smart watch ones but they all read good but always nice if you can find someone that has used them. I just want to catch quickly when I can tell bp is drastically falling, thanks again.

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Dllfb in reply to rosie97

I know there are some out there..interested in the answers as well.

Samsung Smart Watch 3/4 take bp readings. You have to dl a 3rd party app to take it, but works well.

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rosie97 in reply to navarachi

Thanks I will have a look.

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