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Hi been feeling rather low today with slow irregular pulse...tried several times during the day to take my blood pressure on my usual monitor but it just fails to record...has anyone had this experience and know why it happens...could it be AF confused it so it fails to work?

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  • I have never had this problem, but I do know that AF affects my BP. Maybe you could ask your practice nurse to test your machine against theirs. This what my surgery does then it will put your mind at rest or alert your GP that something is wrong.

    Good luck.

  • When my BPressure started being under 100's- 80/42- (90's/50's) for a week they reduced my medication. That stablized it. Usually happened at night. Making a chart of all of your BP readings at regular intervals noting systoms (light headed, etc.) and medication time taken. Provides your dr with decision information. If you wake in middle of night take your BP. All Drs offices will be willing to match your machine to theirs to check accuracy. Take to your next appt, which should be soon with low Blood Preassure.

  • Many thanks will do

  • I will do as you say. Thanks

  • Good luck, mananging Blood Pressure is a real challenge & can be debilitating. Beating it can be difficult.

  • Had machine checked ok but still put new batteries in BP is odd in that 158/60 was told by pharmacist that the top number too high bottom figure too don't know if have high or low BP....seeing doc in a week so will ask.

  • My Doc said 140 to 110 okay for top number 109-100 occasionally ok. Bottom number 80 to 60 (low 50's watch) also type blood pressure into google lots of information there. Personally I get a notable odd/different feeling when I drop to low 100's & below 60's. Weakish. Mine just went from I okay to serious. However, over the last month I have learned the warning signs and some were there I just did not recognize them.

  • Thank you...with AF too it is difficult....also when you do not see same doctor/nurse difficult to feel you are getting a consistent approach to it...will keep trying sure to get there in the end.

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