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Replacement for endepamide

Does anyone have experience other drugs for reducing BP. I am on endepamide which is not quite enough - GP says I am on maximum dose

I had strong side effects / problems with Riparin, Losartin. Candsartin, amlopidine etc

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Side effects are very varied and I think there are many people who will be on a mix of Indapamide and something else. What that is may take a lot of trial and error, and you just have to find something, whether as a single drug, or a combination, that will bring your BP down to an acceptable level. I'd also pursue long term monitoring at home with your own monitor. It is often the case that someone who appears to be uncontrolled on many anti-hypertensives is suffering from a massive case of 'white-coat', in which BP elevates simply by having a measurement taken by a doctor or nurse, but is within normal range when this is done at home with no stressors.

But, regardless, there are dozens and dozens of anti-hypertensives and you just need to wade through them all until you find the one, or ones, for you.


Thanks. I have used my own monitor since my stroke (giving vertigo etc) over 2 years ago

Thanks for your reply. I will ask my GP for a combination. He reckoned that I had tried all the known mechanisms eg calcium blockers etc - all giving side effects (swollen feet etc)

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Hi flycgb, Good luck with finding that 'magic' combination that will help you. Funnily enough, although I didn't have a big problem with my medications, I could not tolerate Ramapril (which as you probably know is an ACE inhibitor). It made me sleep all day and all night, and it was replaced with Enalapril, which is.... yes, an ACE inhibitor, so although your doc is at pains to point out you've tried all the mechanisms, it might be possible to find, as happened strangely with me, that just a change of tablet of the same mechanism might work for you. (And I have always been convinced that my doc thought he was cleverly fooling an old lady [namely me], that it was an entirely different medication. But in the event, it did work for me anyway! Best wishes.


Lercanidipine seems to be well tolerated been on it 1 month ,found it on this site .


Thanks but this is another Calcetum ion channel blocker. I have tried two and had swollen feet etc. However I will talk to my GP tomorrow


Just be aware it costs 4x the others.The professionals give it much better tolerated.I take it early morning 1 hour before food as advised.




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