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Hi I am 58 yr old suffering high BP since last 22 years, I am also diabetic since 3 years.

I am on Telesta AM,Aten 25,Glycomet 500,Ecospirin 20,Atorva 5 all daily once. I underwent angiogram recently. My angiogram was normal except mild cad in LAD. Advised medicine management.I am vegetarian. Can you people guide/suggest me to how to go further to have minimal risk. I need to live at least another 20 years.

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  • Are you overweight? What's your BP with treatment? My brother, who is diabetic, told me that his BP is normal (and he is seriously overweight) just because he has pets! I read many times that having a pet that you can stroke can reduce one's BP!

  • Actually I am under underweight. For 175 cm height i am only 52 kgs. Recently in the last 3 years i lost about 7 kgs wt. My BP maximum was 160/90 and normally will be in the range of 130-140/80-90

  • When you mention "normally", does it mean after you take the medicine for high BP or if you don't take any at all?

  • After taking medicines will be 130-140/80-90 and at times rarely will be 110/70

  • From what I read and was told 140/90 is still OK. I decided once to take my BP monitor to check it against my GPs' one and mine was showing 10 units more!!

  • Have you tried relaxation techniques, as 110/70 which you said sometimes happens, shows that maybe you're taking too high a dose. Also, maybe try to reduce salt in your food if you like salty food.

  • I do pranayama ( relaxation by breathing exercise method)

    daily for about 40 minutes. I am on salt restricted diet.

  • Chapeau to you, as the French say! You seem to do all the right things!

  • Is your brother a type 1 or type 2 diabetic, Rebec? Would he be interested in joining the DRWF group on HU?

  • My brother is type 2 but lives in the States. He seems to be in very good hands, as medical care goes, according to what I can read between the lines.

    I'll mention your suggestion to him. Thanks.

  • I live in the USA, too.

    Please do let him know about the group. Everyone is very helpful and friendly.

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