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I have been started on a low dose of Raprimil today as BP very high.Does anyone take just 1,25mg and has that been effective?Be grateful for your experience

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hi rosyG I used to take 1.25 of ramipril not at single problem you may get dizzy spells while your body adjusts to a lower bp see how you get on ....if you do have a problem speak to your gp .


Thank you very much- good to hear. Did you find the low does was enough to bring your BP down?


hi it worked for a while but I have severe hypertension I'm now 5ml of ramipril twice a day plus 4 other tablets some twice a day .....best thing I did was buy a home blood pressure monitor I check it now n again to make sure all is ok if I start consistently get high readings then I make a appointment to see the docs take it from there .....


Thank you very much for taking the time to pass on your experience. It's good to hear you haven't had a problem- even with high dosage. I'm using a home monitor so will be able to see what's happening and whether it works,

Many thanks again


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