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Hi I am 33 and suffer from high blood pressure today I was told its best I start with nebilet since I also suffer from MD and I cant afford to have high blood pressure. Anyone takes nebilet? What are the side effects ? Today blood pressure was 150/85

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I take the US equivalent to Nebilet (Bystolic). I take 30 mg/day and it slows you down overall at that dose. It took 4 months to finally acclimate to it. It wasn’t enough, so I added 25mg Olmesartan to it. That brought me down from about 155/100 to 125/75-80. I’ve got to admit it took a while and a lot of feeling not so good. But its worth it now.

Hello ngatt. I too was prescribed nodon 5 mg when I was diagnosed hbp. I haven't feel any side effects of it.

2 essential things to do:

1 By hook or by crook lose weight by eating no junk food, no salt, not much bread etc.

2 Exercise - Brisk walk for a mile once a day

Easy isn't it?

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