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Meds or not?


Hi All

I have white coat syndrome so BP has always read high when done by health professional. Recently my home monitor has also shown a high - normal. Had it checked on a 24 hour monitor and it did spike higher during the day although I don’t know to what extent because my doctor was too busy filling out a script. I tried to ask what the meds would do but got a curt response about my kidneys. When I asked if I would take this for two weeks until he wanted me to have blood tests I had a sarky response that this wouldn’t be cured in two weeks and that I was going on long term meds.

I didn’t pick up the script because I want to try lifestyle changes. I have recently lost 11lb, I now run 3 times a week and I could certainly reduce salt and improve on healthier eating.

Took my BP last night 138/87 and this morning 115/81.

I am confused and very disappointed in my doctor simply taking control of my health without informing or consulting me. Worried that I am also risking my long term health.

Any thoughts?

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You can control by healthy diet and excercise .. no need for medicine . you are on track.Day time bp slightly higher but not concerning

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