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Scared of high blood pressure

I just turned 40, male, i was told my blood pressure was high by my doctor, i take 25mg a day of metropolol, ive been feeling out of it, foggy headed , disconnected, headache, so i took my bp at home on my machine my awsome wife bought me and was 158/106,,, about pooped myself so i rested and gave it 30 min, took it again and was 139/91, still wondering how can i get my bp lower and keep it that way, also why do i feel like crap?? Any relation to my bo?

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Hi hope you're feeling a bit better today. It can be really scary when bp goes high but it will be ok. Mine was regularly reading upto 280/190 last month but with meds and a few lifestyle changes like stopping smoking I've got it down to within normal range. I had all the same feelings as u and more but a month later I'm feeling much better.


Hi there, Hope things are looking up for you. Before I had my blood pressure under control, it would bounce all over the place from normal to high. My anxiety became extreme and I started having migraines again which I hadnt had in 3 years. It took awhile for me to get the right dose of medication, but once I got that worked out, the anxiety and migraines went away.

Personally, I would see your doctor again to discuss medication. You may need to switch if you are still getting high readings with your current meds, or you may need to add additional meds or supplements such as magnesium. I know people who take several meds for their bp. While waiting for your appointment, take your bp daily and keep a chart so you can discuss with your doctor.

In the meantime, make sure to follow all the guidelines for a healthy heart - limited red meat, get excercise daily ( even a brisk walk at lunch), do stress releasing activities such as hobbies , meditation, yoga etc, eat healthier cutting out fast foods and processed foods such as frozen dinners, lose any excess weight, reduce salt intake ( eliminating processed and fast foods will help, but read labels). Drink more water and cut out sugary sodas.

Wishing you wellness!


See your doc about changing your BP med or adding a different type of BP med. I have excellent BP now and am on 4 different BP meds - all of which act in a different way.


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