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Blood pressure issue

Hello everyone!!! So I have been having insane issues and Veterans Hospital hasn't been much of a help, they act like they're not sure what's wrong...

So now my BP will raise up to 150 over 102 just walking to my car, when I'm sitting down its normal, I also get tachycardia after eating food, I am only 31, not sure what's going on, the BP issue is new, was getting low readings on standing or moving like 114 over 78 but now it's high, I'm not anxious when moving around, and only reason I took my BP was because I was having horrid pressure inside my head, like someone was inflating it. Went to VA and they don't have any answers..... I am stumped.

Here is a more in depth version,

So I'm getting These New issues now on top of the tachycardia while eating, two days ago I got in a bad fight with my ex and I smoked two cigarettes back to back, then felt instantly sick, I started having a panic slightly from feel dizzy, haven't smoked in two months and I wanted to throw up... Well after an hour or so I calmed down but had this horrid headche that evening, so I Went to bed... So I wake up the next day and head to school and just happened to have my BP machine in the car, when I left class I felt like someone was pressing on both sides of my head and felt like my head was going to burst so when u sat in the car I took my bp, it said 152 over 102 and I kinda freaked but not too bad because I've seen higher during panic attacks, but at this moment I wasn't panicing, was actually calm lol. I started breathing slowly and relaxed and took it again 5 mins later and it said 142 over 100 with a pulse of 78.....

Now ever since then I notice if I walk or talk it will jump this high every time, I am now taking it more not only because I am having tachycardia while eating but now this and the last thing I want is to have a stroke, heart attack, or cardiac arrest....

I Went to my doctor this morning and she rushes me thru saying it's all in my head without even taking my BP to see and it's a month waiting list to change docs, I am honestly a little scared in that regard that I'm stuck with this idiot until then.

Now before that panic and cigarettes it was normal even when walking, some of you have seen my standing BP numbers and they're low normally, so this sudden increase for the last 3 days, could it be from the nicotine? The panic I dismiss because I'm not feeling anxious, I seen a bp reading of 145 over 108 today and didn't freak out lol so that tells you not anxious really but just concerned, what are your all opinions until I see a doc....

Also my BP is normal on sitting or laying down, so if it was anxiety, it would be elevated even while sitting but it's not, so this is why I'm stumped.

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I was worried when my BP continued to be high when I measured it at home and then found out the I needed either to recalibrate my monitor or buy a new one. Can you take your monitor to the GP to compare the readings between both monitors?


I just bought this monitor two weeks ago, it's a Omron and my old one was a life source..... I don't think it's off, I compared it to my old one and their dead on each other.

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Omron is the one I use too and all the doctors in my surgery use the same make. I understand that you live in the States. Are you overweight? Maybe if you started to exercise on a regular basis (after consulting with your doctor), your BP might go back to normal. Try also some relaxation techniques. You can find some free programmes which can help you to relax. I don't know what you did in the military but maybe you had a very stressful job which left its marks. Your doctors didn't give you any medication against high BP? Can't you ask to be seen by a specialist?

Don't quite understand how you were able to measure your BP while in the car as they recommend to have your arm the same level as your heart.

Hope you can go back to a noral BP as soon as possible.


Thank you and I'm usually normal, it only happens after walking or talking, my BP raises and will hang out In a elevated range for a few before coming back down, I walked maybe 200 yards normal walking speed and my BP rose to 150 over 102 the other day, today, when I would stand and talk I would check it and would see 120s over 90s but sitting I'm completely normal..... I'm Just stumped.


It's good you understood I meant normal! Didn't notice the mistake. In the UK, one can see any doctor one wants from the surgery. Not like in the States. I have the feeling you check your BP too often. Of course the BP will be raised straight after doing some exercise. Check it only twice a day more or less at the same time in the morning and evening or around midday. 120/90 is not so bad for someone a bit older. As I suggested before, try some relaxation exercises. It will reduce your BP quite a lot.

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Got a answer finally, im suffering from what they call hyperinsulinemia without diabetes type 2, this is causing my pancreas to secrete too much insulin in to my body causing my blood surgar to plummet and my blood pressure goes crazy from it. I also get tachycardia after eating. They are publishing a article about my issue because they said its rare.


So what do they suggest as treatment? It's good to know at least what the problem is. Do you deal with one specialist or more as it's not just the heart involved in it. I'm sure you'll get very good care because if they publish an article, it means they are going to publish more about the treatment you receive so other doctors would also be able to suggest ways to treat it.

So glad you're being taken care of. Good luck with the treatment and do keep me informed.


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