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Afraid for my mom!!!

So my mom has high blood pressure (she's 46) and for the past few days, I have been feeling a little scared for her.

On Sunday, she said that she felt something in her chest (under her breast) like it was a burning pressure of some sort and she was buriping a lot. She didn't really describe it. She seemed awful. She said that it was probably her blood sugar (although she doesn't have diabetes) that was causing this. She said that she didnt really feel good and went outside to get some fresh air.

She came back inside and after about 2 hours, she felt a bit better.

On Monday and Tuesday, she didnt complain about any pain but she seemed a bit off.

Now, Wednesday morning, she is saying that she feels dizzy and how she had to hold onto the wall to go downstairs. She's currently cooking and seems to be holding up fine but im still worried.

She has had many gas/chest problems for many many years but im not sure if this is different or if its the same.

I am a bit of a paranoid health freak so this makes my worrying a bit "unreliable."

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I assume your mum is being treated for high blood pressure, if so the symptoms sound more like a gastric problem especially as you say "she has has gas problems in the past" try some digestive medication for now, then she probably needs her digestive system looked at again.

Try not too worry, good luck.

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