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Suddenly High Blood Pressure middle of Night



Middle of last night, my wife got up and complained that something is not right. She complained my legs and arms are in trouble. Not too much pain but she said its feels like lightness with body is shaking. She put her hand on chest as well with complain of little bit pain.

She had water and tried to relax herself and meanwhile I checked her Blood Pressure and I was shocked that it was 166/127. Why this happened out of nowhere and what should be future course?


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A swift phonecall to your GP, explaining to the receptionist if necessary, and a super quick visit. If this is denied, then off to the nearest A&E (or whatever they call themselves) in case she's had a mini 'incident'.

qfqf, unfortunately, we are unable to answer your question as to why your wife had this unusual experience "out of nowhere". as for your "future course", I agree with exDancer that your wife should seek immediate medical advice from the experts. Knowing how difficult it is to get prompt appointments with a GP these days, this definitely sounds like one for A&E. Certainly with a blood pressure reading that high something is definitely awry and the blood pressure itself needs immediate treatment with medication to bring it down. A friend had a similar experience and upon investigation it was found to be a small heart problem some years ago that was corrected with the insertion of a stent, and she has had no further problems since. Good luck and do let us know how your wife gets on.

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I hope your wife has recovered from her scare and is now feeling better. Did you find out what caused it?

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We went to A & E and all the investigations are done like Blood Test, Urine Tests and ECG etc... All tests established that it is not cardiac pain and that it is some kind of muscle pain. This is even more worrying if pain become misery... !!!

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Pain IS misery as my arthritic joints demonstrate every minute of the day, its something you learn to live with.

However, I'm pleased your wife hasn't anything seriously wrong with her heart. As to the next step, you need advice from a qualified person as to whether she needs gentle exercise or complete rest - mostly they recommend exercise but I imagine it'll all depend on the individual.

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