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Dare I go back to my GP?

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Over the last 15 years I think I must have tried every BP lowering drug on the market because on my last visit to the Nurse Practitioner she told me she had no more drugs to suggest as I seemed to have tried them all monitoring my BP every morning at I monitor my BP every morning around 9.30am and its all over the place, from 168/90 to 121/80.

Two months ago I got soooo cheesed off with my all-night cough (I was being woken up by it every 2 - 3 hours and hubby had moved into the spare room) I halved my 100mg losartan tablets and ditched the omeprazole and ranitidine I'd been given for my 'silent reflux' which was said to be causing it (not the pills).

I still monitored my BP every morning and now I also noted the number of times I awoke during the night.

There was no change after a month.

So I stopped taking any tablets, apart from co-codamol for arthritis pain, (I know, I know I shouldn't stop my pills so please, no lectures). Result?

Still no change.

I don't know if I dare face my GP as I'll get a huge lecture on never changing my medication without supervision ......... but something's going on here and I don't like it. Have I been taking all these drugs for all these years when there's nothing wrong with my blood pressure at all?

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that thought is scarey ........ I cold turkey the propanrol on Dr advice ...... on doing this ....my irratible bowel has improved ..... I have more energy .....sleeping better ......that jittery feeling has stopped .....feel better in myself .....was on that medication for years due to irreg heartbeat plus HBP..... I even feel as if Im looseing weight ....... why was I on them for so long ...... slowly poisoning me ...gotta go back soon .... but as for you bless ...... it all just makes you think ...for every tablet we swallow the side effects can be awful ...... go back to the dr .....do it ..ask for a double app ..... good luck

Have you tried lowering your carbohydrate intake/increasing your natural fat intake? Lowering your insulin levels and retaining less water will decrease blood volume leading to improved blood pressure phcuk.org/booklets/

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exDancer in reply to Concerned

I like your suggestion re the carbs because my OH is on a 'low carb high fat' diet for type 2 diabetes and I do mostly eat the same foods. I'll be stricter with myself and see if that helps.

I refused statins because they gave him OH headaches and aching joints and muscles and I could see how he as suffering, he's been much better since his GP stopped them.

I accept that doctors are doing their best with what they have, its just worrying that all these pills are added month after month and they all seem to have side effects. I'll make an appointment and let you know whether I come home with yet another bagful of tablets.

Go back and ask for an explanation. I would if it were me. Although my blood pressure varies this is normal so they tell me as I couldn`t tolerate the side effects of drugs except a diuretic which I still take. Although they are supposed to be the experts when it comes to you, you are the expert. I see their faces when I attend as they know I will not take what doesn`t suit me. It is interesting that you have no high blood pressure.

What is your bp now and what was it when doc put you on the meds. I would love to get of mine

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exDancer in reply to rocheen

Thought I replied to your post this morning (I may have posted it to the next questioner down, sometimes these posts seem to run one into the other - no matter).

This morning my BP was 153/71, and yesterday it was 122/71.

Its always been inconsistent and I reckon this is normal for me. I'm feeling better and better each day, fewer aches and pains, more energy, less of the jittery feeling of anxiety too.

That sounds good. Mine is usually around 180 over 60 or 70.

I had five years of numerous bp meds guineapigging, because they couldnt get it to stay at a numerical level that they were happy with. then they found out i was b12deficient and coeliac- my blood pressure has settled and levelled since going gluten free.

Im still taking one tablet daily, but after being told i might have to take a concoction of three or four daily its a big step forward along with being told i should expect side effects and symptoms from the meds

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exDancer in reply to Lisahelen

I'm non C gluten intolerant too, though I just tell people I'm coeliac, its easier. We're a low carbohydrate family as my husband is type 2 diabetic, so my doc's not too happy with my LCHF approach to food.

I've had problems with high blood pressure for years. Nothing seems to work. Everything makes me feel ill. They seem to make my Cmt a lot worse as well. One nurse got into quite a rage because every time she tried to take my no it was different and the the no thing wouldn't work. I've got a bent elbow on my right arm and arthritis in my left shoulder, so they didn't help either. I often take my own boss at home and it's sometimes quite low,for me but it goes up just thinking about going to the doctors. They don't believe me though. I've tried to tell them that because I have difficulty walking, that makes my bp go up as well. I try to take other things that help lower blood pressure, such as apple cider vinegar and beetroot juice, which also helps with the chronic fatigue.

This morning my bottle of Raw B tablets arrived from Amazon, I took one with my coffee and will take another tonight. I'll keep you updated but I don't expect a sudden improvement overnight.

Sfruitcake, I really empathise with you about your problems when your doc tries to take your readings - its so infuriating when you can see they don't believe you when you tell them its much better at home. I was sent home from the eye clinic when I'd gone in for a cataract removal because my BP was off the scale. Next time I asked them to use an old fashioned sphygmomamometor (thats not spelled right) and they took so long to find one I was practically climbing the curtains - but they did accept the reading even though it was high.

I've was referred to a consultant who gave me three different meds (its so long ago I forget which ones now) but I couldn't cope with the swollen legs and the constant fear I might cough myself into a heart attack and I gained weight rapidly too. They stopped the water pill because of depleted salts but added another 2 pills for acid reflux. Eventually he told me to (more or less) take the b£oody pills and cope with it!

I'm just fed up with taking pills when I feel fine without them, which I know is pretty stupid.

Off now for my hydrotherapy - one referral I am truly grateful for.

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exDancer in reply to exDancer

its spelled .... sphygmomanometer ........ according to google (I copied and pasted it) but the computer says 'NO'.

Thirteen years ago my Dr insisted I take Atenolol for a slightly raised BP, I followed his advice. Two years later I was rushed to hospital as my pulse was down to 34, they thought I had heart failure. I was immediately taken off Atenolol. To add to the saga, a Consultant came round, scratched his head as it was obvious he didn't know what was wrong with me (I had had no tests except for bloods), he prescribed three serious drugs for unstable angina and discharged. I was very concerned as I had not had any tests to make a proper diagnosis. I cannot remember the name of the drugs but they were pretty strong and I decided not to take them. I have survived another eleven years without taking anything except Levo.

I have just taken BP and it reads 146/84 with 59 pulse. It can fluctuate. I am almost 76 and know that if I visit my Drs they will want to place me on BP tablets/Statins and Cholesterol lowering drugs which I am not prepared to take. Am I being foolish taking a risk, I don't know, but I do know once they get me on such a regime the side effects will take their toll. I am trying to keep the situation under control with diet, CoQ10 and Hawthorn supplements which would not even be considered by GP's in this country.

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exDancer in reply to Joyia

We're in the same age bracket (I'm 77) and seem to have the same mindset too. I'm concerned and afraid of these meds which they dish out after only consulting a webpage, so you're not exactly sure they actually know what they're talking about.

I think my doctors messed around with my body too much when I was younger - I started NSAIDs in my early 20s after a back operation went wrong, then the 'pill' then HRT and now these BP lowering things! I'm beginning to think these drugs would be best left well alone.

Goodness knows what side effects this new miracle drug for Alzheimer's will bring (but thats next on the list for me)

exDancer many thanks for your response, I have messged you privately.



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exDancer in reply to Joyia

I eventually found your PM Joyia, thank you.

My mother had mild dementia towards the end of her life and although she still lived in her own house, I nursed her with the help of two lovely carers and a medicare medallion round her neck until she was hospitalised after a fall. She was constantly bullied by her GP and hadn't the confidence to question anything, and this now frightens me rigid - will I be the same? Look at me now, the title to this discussion 'DARE I go back ....' shows my underlying anxiety that even as a confident mature woman, I fear the pressure to take tablets with unknown side effects.

These side effects come up on you so gradually you don't notice you have them unless the pills are stopped (apart from things like swollen legs etc). It must be difficult for doctors to help but this business of 'trying' this and then 'trying' that drug shows that they don't really have an answer.

Exdancer I agree with all your concerns, let's hope we can find alternative solutions to our fears, at least we are trying to do that and swapping information and experiences helps us find a way.

There are people being put on bp meds that dont need them!!! If your numbers stay low then its your right to get off the meds.

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