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Beetroot juice

As a fellow sufferer of hypertension I was wondering if anyone in the community would be interested in research that Bart's Heart Charity are running right now. As a "guinea pig" I am currently attending on a not too regular basis that fits my busy schedule a programme of tests which will hopefully prove if beetroot juice alongside frusomide can help alleviate hypertension. If, like me you are interested in participating, please private message me. Bart's is in London. Expenses are reimbursed.

This research study looks at the relationship between beetroot juice and its blood pressure lowering effects.

This study might be suitable for those whose blood pressure are not under control. Volunteers should be on at least one medication for high blood pressure.

Accepting all volunteers aged 18-80. Not suitable for people with diabetes. Additional medical conditions will be screened by the research doctors to assess eligibility.


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Hello FT, sounds very interesting - always good to hear of such research taking place. I'd love to volunteer and it sounds as though I meet the criteria required but I'm facing urgent surgery for a tumour so have too much going on at the moment.

Please do keep us informed as the research progresses, and lots of good luck wishes to those involved in the research.

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