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Hypnotherapy and Blood Pressure

Hi all, i'm a newbie to this site, living in South Wales, UK.

I have been on medication for HBP for several years now...circa 2010. Having tried various types of medication, my latest batch of '3' (Ramipril 10mg, Lercanidipine 10mg and Propranolol Hcl 80mg) seem to be keeping it around the 135/90 average (weeks average 2x measurements per day). Additonal to this i take Sertraline 50mg (anxiety) and Atorvastatin 20mg (cholesterol). Quite a mix for a 43 year old!

A couple of weeks ago, those who listen to BBC Radio 2 Chris Evans' breakfast show may have heard how successful just one weeks course of Hypnotherapy was on one of the presenters overcoming a significant phobia of snakes....and it got me thinking!

If i were to have hypnotherapy to help me with the two causes of stress (as i see it) in my life, could that have a naturally positive affect on my BP meaning i can reduce the number of pills i have to take.

So my question to the community is, has anyone heard/experienced a positive improvement in their health using this method. Thank you in advance.

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I had hypnotherapy a few minths ago. It was for stress and high blood pressure. Unfortunately it made my anxiety levels much much worse. The hypnotherapist was Very well qualified and couldn't account for the results. I wish I'd not done it so please be very careful.


Hi Gildy, thanks for replying. Such a shame to hear it's not helped you....was there any feedback you can share that was given to you as to why this outcome? Thanks and take care.


The hypnotherapist said she would check with colleagues- apparently the agreed that my stress levels were so high they just bubbled over the top. I'm still suffering as a result and really wish I hadn't gone.


A word of warning noted. Be great if there is anyone else in this community who has some experience to help the likes of Gildy and me.


I qualified as a hypnotherapist years ago. It purely acts on your subconscious.

If you think of your brain as a computer---- you're reading this forum, taking in the info, balancing it with things you've heard before and so on--- that's your conscious mind working. But the computer is running things in the background that don't interfere with what you're doing -- that's your subconscious working constantly in the background. Hypnotherapy temporary relaxes to the point of switching off your conscious mind and lets your subconscious take the centre stage. Gilldy , I think the matters causing your anxiety are still in your subconscious so are what we'd call unresolved. ( I have exactly the same --- how do you resolve the sudden unexpected death of the love your life ????? ). And as they are still strong and alive in your subconscious, they've come to the fore. They should really have either been "let go" by the therapist ( if you were ready to do this) or put back where they were if you weren't ready to let them go. I'm sorry that the hypnotherapy left you feeling worse. I've never had that happen with anyone I've treated and the closing element of the hypnotherapy should have made sure this didn't happen.

By creating deep relaxation, hypnotherapy could reduce a person's blood pressure and this did happen to a lady I did hypnotherapy for ( purely for weight loss but when she went for a regular check up with GP s/he had to adjust her medication as her b.p. had lowered. G.P told her to keep on with hypnotherapy! )

There are very mild, gentle relaxation hypnotherapies you can listen to online. Follow the safety guidelines --- don't use them driving a car, or if you're in charge of children at the time, sensible precautions like that.

Hope this has added some information.

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Hello 06hollyberry, many thanks for taking the time to reply. What you have said is very helpful, and hopefully not just to me but also to Gilldy. I am due to see my doctor for a follow up appointment soon, i will definitely be putting this forward as a topic to discuss/consider....after all it's been several years on different types of meds, so this may be the answer. I totally understand what you refer to as your subconscious coming to the fore, i really think this is big part of my problem. Thank you once again.


I think any lowering of the blood pressure would be a "bi-product" of the deep relaxation that hypnotherapy can produce. A hypnotherapist can teach you, while deeply relaxed, to give yourself a signal, such as pressing your fingers together. In time pressing your fingers together will cause relaxation, letting go of tensions or anxiety. I used this to cure myself of nervousness when flying. Took 20 minutes and I've never been bothered about flying since. Usually it takes several 45 minute sessions of hypno to produce this but I'd been trying out other Hypnos on myself so that helped !

You can also search for relaxation meditations online. There are lots on YouTube.


thanks again, i 'do' believe in this type of therapy based on what i read/see in the press/tv. I'll keep you all posted of any progress (hopefully!)

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