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Blood pressure readings


I've been asked by my GP to check my blood pressure at home as I have "white coat syndrome " he said I should take 3 readings and then average them out. Does anyone know why? I am taking losartan but still have HBP. When I take the 1st reading it is always quite high between 160/90 and 175/95 then it drops considerably, between 140/75 and 145/80. Why do I have to take 3 times? I had a 24hr halter and it came up with an average of 146/76, he says this is fine but from what I've read 146 is still high. What are your thoughts?

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It depends on how old you are and whether you have any other complications. I know they don't like to over medicate older patients as they can get dizzy when they stand up.This happened to a neighbour of mine. My doctor said around 130/80 was OK which I get and below that at home but certainly not in the surgery.I'm 55 and I have some thickening of my left ventricle so they like to keep it down.ActuallyI'm having a holter test tomorrow.How did you find it?

Thanks for replying. I'm 72 and have other complications......Lupus, Sjogrens Syndrome and Bronchiectasis. I didn't find the halter too bad, I thought I would have a problem sleeping but I slept most of the night. Good luck with it.

Thanks Biddy47,hope it gets sorted soon.

When I first sit down to take my pressure it is high if I do it right away. I was told that the best thing to do is sit and relax for at least 5 minutes before taking the first reading. Wait at least 2 or 3 mins in between each reading for a total of three readings. Because your pressure is constantly changing they like an average. That is what I was told and what I do. Even the instructions on my machine advise taking three.

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Thanks Sharc. That's what I do, 5 mins. rest then 2 - 5 in between. Just wondered why.


I was referred to a specialist when I was originally diagnosed due to being only 35. I had a load of different tests done and many many trips to the specialist over the course of a month. I’m the end they said I’m unfortunately one of the 95% that simply just has high blood pressure.

It was actually identified during a random medical as part of a mortgage application and at the GP they then took a reading of 220/120. But to be honest all the worry around that while experience seems to have left me with the most amazing white coat hypertension.

I can actually correlate my high BP readings with a lack of exercise. If I take regular walks and outside exercise my BP has been down below 120/80 from averaging 3 home readings but I think this actually may just be due to a lack of stress from taking regular time out.

On medication (Amlodipine 5mg and Ramipril 10mg daily) my BP averages around 135-140/90-95 and my meds have been unchanged for over six years now.

I usually take three readings, disregard the first then average the following two (this was the consultants advice) as the tension over actually strapping myself to the machine causes me to physically feel tense and typically results in a high reading.

On my six monthly checks with the GP I’m normally somewhere around 140/90 which is elevated due to the doctor taking it. I’ve even taken my machine to the GP to check the reading was comparable.

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Thanks Gavinj, that's all very interesting . I'm so reluctant to check my BP because it is inevitably high and then I become stressed over it. It's a vicious circle.

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