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Reaction to B.P meds and GPs not interested.

Morning. I'm new here, excuse long first post.

GP saw I had raied blood pressure ( 180-200 over 100- 120) over 2 years ago but didn't mention it or take any action.

Last summer I began to feel very unwell. Exhaustion, shortness of breath, loss of balance, dizziness when standing still, brain fog, confusion. ECG and chest X-ray showed nothing. Goitre noticed and scan of that showed nodules but neither GP nor endocrinologist interested in doing anything.

Private blood tests showed low B12 ( lifelong vegetarian) and with support from Pernicious Anaemia support group I self inject and all the symptoms ( even the ones I hadn't noticed like tinnitus, blurred vision, pins and needles) all went except for tiredness.

However blood pressure has got worse. Tried several meds from GP Ramipril ( caused migraines) Lisinopril ( ok on 2.5mg but didn't lower BP sufficiently, awful reaction to 5mg--- chest pain, breathing problems, vomiting , migraine, ) GP told me to take a break from meds, no other suggestion apart from cut out salt, exercise more, which I'd do if I wasn't so damned tired all the time.

I've never smoked, haven't drunk alcohol for years ( migraines) Don't eat ready meals, crisps, salted nuts etc. Drink decaf tea.

I'm trying hibiscus tea, I've got beetroot juice in but not been able to face it yet.

Could goitre/ possibly low thyroid hormones ( in range but at low end of range) contribute to BP.

I'm 62, never been ill until this lady 2 years but have no idea where to go from here. Private doctor maybe?

Sorry about long post, grateful for any advice.

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I have a similar story to yours. They eventually found i am coeliac and going gf has helped bigtime with lowering bp even if the foodstuffs arent technically as healthy bread, pastry wise. Dont go gf without trying to get tested for it though because like b12d it will mess the results.

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Thank you--- I've tested negative for coeliac in the past but went gluten free over 2 months ago, hoping I'd absorb more B12 from my food. I definitely feel better stomach/ digestive wise going gluten free but the high B.P is making me feel unwell so I'm desperate to do something to reduce it. I'm reading my way through low GI, vegetarian, non gluten diets at the moment.


Do you have a gluten sensitivity issue?


Yes. Tested negative for coeliacs but that was about 12 years ago. I went gluten free for about 3 years but seemed OK when I started eating it again. Then started with digestion problems again & definitely feel better gluten free.

Have problems with other foods. Cannot eat/ drink even tiny amounts of alcohol, coffee, chocolate, curry spices, pineapple, oranges/orange juice, ginger.


Have you checked out the Gluten Free Guerrillas group on HU? They have lots of information that I get from, them, since I'm gluten free and also diabetic (type 1). Check them out if you haven't already!

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hi, whats gf? thanks valerie.


Gluten free


Hi sorry you are having problems with your bp and meds. i am not a Dr. but i would definatley have the thyroid checked as that controls a lot going on in your body and second ,I to am med sensative but have a good Dr, who is always trying to find the right bp med that I can tolerate. I am on Verapamil ER 120mg. This med is used to treat migraine headaches as well as the bp. I am a very nervouse anxiouse person and this med relaxes me and works well to control my pb. I have no side affect. I wish you well and good luck.

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Maxyz3 , thanks for your reply. I'll keep a note of the med.

I saw a consultant in the respiratory clinic yesterday. Waited 7-8 months for the appointment. Have to say I expected to be brushed off again ( Been to GP for 3 separate problems in 2 and a half years-- they've not treated any if them successfully, Have to ask myself if they were a vet practice, would I keep going back?) Consultant indeed breathing tests, blood tests and chest scan so if nothing shows up on any of these at least I can ask him what I can do next. It's the heart and lung clinic so they should cover BP as well.

I'll get thyroid rechecked ASAP. Best wishes.


@bluebell136 gf= Gluten free.

From what I understand gluten cells ( or could br molecules) are similar in structure to thyroid cells so in an auto immune situation, can attack the thyroid. Cutting out gluten seems to help with thyroid symptoms for some people.

A lot of the time these health issues seem to be linked. What would we all do without the internet & all the people willing to share information and direct us towards other help?


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