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Different groups of meds

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Would anyone know if you change from say one ace med to another whether the side effects are the same? I.e I was on felodipine but got swollen ankles, would amlodipine do the same? This goes for all types of meds, ccbs and args. Thanks

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Again, Eviedog, this is definitely one for your pharmacist

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Eviedog12 in reply to Happyrosie

Tried that but they're unsure. You must have a good pharmacist as a relative

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Happyrosie in reply to Eviedog12

Not just my cousin. My own local pharmacist offers (as do 80% of UK High Street pharmacists) a medicine check. My local pharm. did one for my husband, wrote to the doc with his findings and my husband’s medication was changed in line with these findings. In another instance I was prescribed a cream by a skin consultant and took this into the pharmacy (a different one) and he said he could not dispense it as there must be a mistake on it. He phoned the skin consultant who agreed with the pharmacist and told him what it should be.

In yet another instance,: many high street pharmacists do stints at local general hospitals and the doctors on the wards consult them, within the hospital, for advice.

So my experience over the years has been to use the pharmacists’ training and experience, they like to use their brains and not just dole out pills.

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Eviedog12 in reply to Happyrosie

Makes you wonder why we have doctors then

Well, doctors diagnose. Pharmacists know about combinations of drugs and their side effects.

You would think doctors should know what goes with what. Thanks for your input

In my experience Amlodipine does make my ankles swell but only by the end of the day and not uncomfortable. I have been on 10mg daily for a year now.

Hi Eviedog12 As Happyrosie says best to speak with a Pharmacist or your GP. I came off Amlopidine due to ankle swelling. Now on Inapimide. Only been on this 1 month.

I felt awful on felodipine , but I am doing okay on amlodipine apart from tinnitus which is very annoying

I was on a Amlodipine for about 4 months and I had a big problem with swollen ankles and a rash on my feet and arms. I was changed to Fenlodipine MR and the swelling and rash have all disappeared, I suppose everyone reacts differently to medication.

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