The benefits of drinking water

I have a hit bath every night to ease my joints, but because if my BP problem I can feel quite faint when get out. I did read an article on the benefits of drinking water and it advised if drinking a glass before you get in the bath to prevent that faint feeling...I've been doing it for a couple of weeks now and it does seem to make a difference - anyone else heard of it or tried it?

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  • Soaking in a hot bath, jacuzzi, tub or sauna can cause dehydration leading to the feeling of faintness you experienced so I can quite understand how the glass of water helped. Very hot baths are not good for anyone with high blood pressure in particular.

    To ease your joints, it can help to include oily fish in your diet a few times a week. Also Flexiseq, available from pharmacies, can help although it is expensive.

  • Try hot waters shower ..I use hot water shower to relieve my back pain and am successful in containing pain.This is muscular pain due to high sugar level in the body shower from neck to tail end then up and down many times.This also cover your limbs/knees as the water flow down.Take normal water glass before every bath.Pl share your experience in this regard.

  • Brrrr you wouldn't want a shower in our bathroom unless it was the high height of summer, its always freezing cold in there.

    The glass of water was a good idea, and maybe points out the fact that we should all drink more of it. As to aches and pains - I agree there's nothing like a hot bath to soothe those away - you can keep your oily fish and supplements for me, they don't work. My GP referred me to a hydrotherapy pool and just getting in it is so therapeutic I can guarantee a good night's sleep when I've been.

    All the same, maybe a cooler bath next time?

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