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Hi, I've just joined, I'm 56, female, no alcohol or smoking and eat quite healthily, I can't exercise too much as I have arthritis that affects most of my joints ( the end product of being too fit and active in my youth!) - I'm hoping to find some advice on others experience of the drugs I am having to take. I had an ischemic stroke 6 weeks ago and thankfully I am recovering well, but when it happened my BP was 209/98 and it dropped 160/90 and now 140/88 I had never had any problem with it before ( they think this may be the mitigating factor in the stroke). I am now having to take Clopidogrel and Atorvastatin as well as the Ramapril and in combination they are making me feel awful and I have gained 10lb since the stroke - I don' like meds at the best of times, but my concern is how they will affect me if I have to take them long-term. I also take gabapentin for previous injuries to my back.

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Welcome. I too have osteoarthritis from overusing my joints many years ago, it was ballet that 'did' for me, and my ankles are in a mess. Sorry to hear about your stroke and I hope you can get some encouragement and good advice from that section of HealthUnlocked. I don't know your age, but your BP sounds not too bad - I understand age is being taken into account again after years of being told 120/80 was optimum for everyone, and at 133/79 mine is fine for my 77 years.

I don't know how optimum BP is worked out, the maths eludes me, but the more I read the more I come to think no-one really knows the answer. However, you are doing the right things in order to avoid another stroke. Good luck!

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Look what I just found by googling 'blood pressure charts for women' (I hope I'm not braking any rules by posting another webpage)


So sorry you have had a stroke and I hope you make a good recovery. I agree that your bp seems ok now. I'm 61 and my GP is happy for mine to average 140/80. He specialises in bp. When mine was brought down to 120 with drugs I felt faint. I do hope you can find a drug that suits you. Keep persevering- I had to try lots until I found that Felodipine works for me. I struggled with the idea of taking meds long term too but came to terms with it because there is a lot of stroke in the family.x


I'm on the mend...I just have to accept that I may have to take meds long-term but hopefully I can cut them down...always positive and looking forward, I'll feel better when I can get back to work :-)

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