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High BP - What Next?

Mea few seconds ago

I am on AMLODIPINE 10mg plus Ramipril 1.25mg, loosing weight gradually even though I do not have too much to loose, but my BP remains frighteningly high. Eating better and healthier than I have done in a long time, but the BP remains HIGH plus my heart rate is very very high! Hummmmm what next? I am now keeping a spreadsheet of daily readings to show to the GP during my next visit! Doing my best but my body is letting me down!!! What Next????

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How long have you been on these bp meds? Have you been to your dr recently? Have you had a 24 hour monitor fitted at any time to see how your bp fluctuates during the day? Has your dr run bloods for thyroid, b12, iron etc all the ones that they dont regularly do? Have you been seen by a cardiologist at hospital? Do you get any symptoms, and is the losing weight something you are actively trying to do? It could be that one of the ones you have been given is just not working for you.

i have had over 14 different ones in the last five years, with no great sucess, even the cardio appts at the hospital throw no light on why it is happening, just loads of side effects which now have the distinct possibility of being b12 related and coeliac. Im still taking one bp tablet but my readings have come down to a more gp acceptable level so maybe it had something to do with the food and my poorly stomach.

I also suffer white coat which immediately puts my bp up when i visit drs so i got a home reader and like you did my own readings but i was chastised by my dr for doing this as i was told I was doing it too often at about five/six times a day. I was told to do it once a week at most! I never worried about my bp, i felt fit and healthy i must say it was them that made me panic over every high reading i got, but supposedly it's a natural daily rhythm to go up and down and panicing that you are getting high readings is just making it worse.

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My MD cut me off the ACE inhibitors and Indepimide so I got a juicer and was drinking beer juice Then I got beet powder and only half a gram in a gel cap has the same effect as several pounds of beets. I also take L-arginine, turine, 800mg of Mg, Hawthorn, coenzyme q10 and walk 10000 steps a day. (Google fit Android app). Cut down on alcohol and the result is I went from 190/160 to 120/100 so a huge difference. High BP and the rapid heart rate are extremely dangerous so try harder and yo will get results. Hopping you find some relief good luck. PS no deep fried and no saturated fat. Only 10% of daily fat.


how much turine do you take and how much magnesium and what type. thank.


Like your reply - but what on earth is 'fatty fish soup'? It sounds disgusting. I'm seriously thinking of ditching the meds and going for a drastic diet change.


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