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Heart Attacks : Cutting Thew The Layers Of FAT to get to the MEAT of STORY

Heart Attacks : Cutting Thew The Layers Of FAT to get to the MEAT of STORY

When Is FAT not FAT ... When it's part of your bodies metabolism WHAT do i mean well there is good fat and there is bad fat.

Sure we all heard story's seen TV adverts WELL when your ill and suffering from stomach absorsioun issues or IBS it's not always easy to eat healthy as all the good things your apost to eat can irritate your Bowles Stomach.

When you add that to pre-existing conditions THE prognosis can be quite grim with regard your health and beauty esp when you start suffering blood serum metabolic deficancy's

Anyway we have all heard read to story's about high low cholesterol being bad for you WELL that's only half the story.

Here is interesting Video : princetonhealthusa.com/vide...

Quite surprised me ... But I love blood proteins and microscopes SO investigated claims further and is quite true what the say about heart health cholesterol good fats and bad fats.

Basically WE should have our cholesterol checked ASKING about OUR HDL good fats v LDL bad fats numbers.

The protein we get defiant in is called GLUTATHIONE that is ALSO refferd to as New AGE ANTIOXIDENT that you get from eating drinking healthy WELL providing you have no health issues and are.

But as I know to well THAT is not always down to us IT's down to our conditions and stomach inflammation so taking GLUTATHIONE supplement would not work unless it was carried in a Liposomal she'll as stomach inflammation absorsion issues acid would destroy it before it did any good.

READ more here: cebudailynews.inquirer.net/...

Luckily the do soap and is in whitening effect of some toothpaste and the do skin cream THAT given nature of GLUTATHIONE will enter blood stream from skin.

But even tho that process happens with your SkIN there is not enough evidence to say weather it would do you any good that way.

I must stress THAT you are allways best talking to your own GP about cholesterol HDL & LDL numbers and what it means to you.

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