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High bp when standing???

I am new to this website and trying to find answers! I have had the million $$$ work up over the past 4 years. I have had chest pain everyday and they say nothing is wrong. During all of these test it was found that I have high blood pressure only when I'm standing. Without medication my bp is 150/100 when I'm standing. None of it makes sense. I am in my 40's and workout everyday but can't snap my body out of whatever it is. If anyone has any information I would greatly appreciate it. This has really affected my quality of life and caused a great deal of anxiety. : (

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I realize this will not help you immediately but I am working on this problem myself. When I drive to the pharmacy, walk across the parking lot and sit down at the blood pressure machine I am 150/70. If I sit there and take my BP say, four times, my BP will drop steadily to 135/70 - which is acceptable for people over 60 (so the doctors say).

It is my next job to ask my doc what explains this phenomena. Do we have one BP when we put load on our systems (walking around) and one when we are at rest. I think the answer is yes. However, should we then take medication (or some alternative) for the high measurement ignoring that when we are "at rest" we then have abnormally low BP. What to do. Maybe my doc will shed some light on this mystery, I'll let you know. Interesting topic.

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hi i am convinced the doctors dont know as i told my own doctor 2 years before my tia that i felt the bp medication should be increased and i should go on asprin he disagreed with my views??????


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