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Hi there im new here first post. i developed Post Partum Hypertension 2 days after giving birth. Was put on bp tabs ( Trandate) for months all went well and i came off them. Then it came back with a bang 1 year ago and i am being told it is now primary problem they cant find anything to say it is secondary and im now taking 2 tablets. 200mg of trandate and 5mg of Istin in the morning and 200mg of trandate in the evening. By the way im 27 :(

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Hi, I was diagnosed after an operation on my hand about 14 years ago, and am now steady but taking bendroflumethiazide and candesarten in the morning and doxazozin in the evening. Unfortunately once you start pills you are usually on them for life, apparently they are keeping a valve open in my case. Since then I was diagnosed with ITP, a blood disorder but luckily not bad enough to require medication. Take care

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How bad is your blood pressure? Do you know the systolic and diastolic numbers? Don't forget that whatever you're taking has side effects so it's better if you have blood tests from time to time.


It's usually between140-150 over 80/90 that's why I needed the 2nd medication


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