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My bood pressure has been high for many years. I tried to loose weight many times but just could not shift it. My BMI was around 32. Two of my Grandparents died of strokes in their late 50's, I'm 58 now. In the end I decided to go on medication, but after around 18 months I decided to come off it because I was having real problems keeping warm. I agreed with my Dr that I would loose weight instead to get the BP down. I've now lost over a stone this year and a stone last year. BMI now around 28, but my BP is going up (170/109 today). Three weeks ago my sister was diagnosed with Wegeners granulomatosis, she is very ill, kidneys almost packed in, on steriods, chemo, dialysis, blood transfusions. When I was looking it all up I discovered that one sign of kidney failure is feeling cold. I have had 3 kidney stones, although the last one was 20 years ago. Recently I did get what seemed like flu: freezing cold, then a few days later a terrible pain in my side. Not sure it was another stone because they are fantastically painfull. Sorry to dump all this one you.

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  • Have you had your thyroid checked? One of the symptoms from an under active thyroid is feeling cold. Also weight gain, lethargy, brain fog, aching limbs and high blood pressure!

    Mine is 6.9 due to not producing enough T3

    If you go on to the thyroid support of this site there is s huge community and great information.

    I'd get thyroid bloods done if I were you. Get them to check T4,TSH,FT4, FT3,B12, vitD, thyroid antibodies, reverse t3, iron, ferritin etc need to be taken.

    Post your results on the Thyroid website as most GPs will tell you you are in the correct range when you are not!

    Well done re weight loss.

  • Hi

    You did really well losing all that weight.

    I have kidney failure and a contributing factor to their demise has been high blood pressure. Daily tablets now keep the blood pressure under control but the kidney function won't come back. If there is a susceptibility in the family I would certainly think tablets would help.

    Good luck


  • PS

    The coldness seems to be associated with dialysis. I'm pre dialysis.....I do get cold but hot baths and warm clothes solve that one :-)

  • Coldness can be indicative of an arterial problem and your body finding it difficult to get blood to where it needs to be to keep you warm. Given your family history and your high bp, perhaps you need a cardiology consult.

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