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Hello,I'm at my wits end,I have very high BP,I'm suffering with anxiety and panic ,Iv tried a few BP tablets but they are making my anxiety worse.im on a water tablet at the moment,just taken my BP and it's hardly come down,the more I take my BP the higher it goes,I just don't know what to do,Iv changed my diet and have been doing a lot of walking.any advice please.....

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Hi Kalif, sounds like you are having a tough time. One thing i know for certain is that your anxiety cant be doing you bp any good. I know that when ive been preoccupied with measuring, my bp has soared, when i have tried to relax and forget about it (stopped measuring) it has reduced. Your post does say where you are, just wondering what your GP says about your anxiety?


Hello johoho ,I'm on mirtazapine for my anxiety,but it's not helping much,I hate taking medication,I have changed my diet,and have been walking lots..do you know how much exercise is safe to do..I am willing to try anything,I'm sure if my blood pressure came down my anxiety would ease a little.its a vicious circle I'm trapped in..


I think I have a problem when I go to the doctors my reading was very high last week it was 204-104 ..at home still stressed it was 169-86 ,but I have had reading at 136-76..I'm doing a special diet at the moment to try and bring it down.i have been on a diuretic but haven't taken it for 3days ,just don't feel well on it ..I'm open to any help or suggestions....


Hi kalif, watching your salt intake is very important in bringing those numbers down. Try taking your reading in the morning and then once again late evening. I think you might notice a different as your stress level goes down so will your b/p numbers. You do need to let your doctor know that you stopped your diuretics for 3 days, he may suggest something else. x


I don't have any salt at all,I think it's the anxiety that is causing all my problems,I stress badly when I try to take my BP I really think I have a problem...I'm worried before I take it that it will be high so it just goes up and up..I am really fed up of it.....


kalif, I totally understand. Sometimes it can be a curse to have the machine in the house. There was a time that I would take it over and over waiting for lower numbers. It only increases the numbers because of our anxiety. I have been on blood pressure medication for 6 years now with no problems. But it didn't come easy finding the right drug which would do the trick as well as not make you feel ill. That may be the same for you. Even though you had an increase in anxiety due to other b/p drugs doesn't mean there isn't something out there they may help you. Usually diuretics are in a combination with blood pressure pills. Talk to your doctor more about this. It does seem like you are doing all the right things but the stress is just breaking through. There is an answer. xx


Thank you so much.x


Kalif, I know what you mean about the anxiety and worry about being on meds and worried about your numbers! I was in such an anxiety state 4 yrs. ago ..it is a visciouse circle..worrying about your bp being up and in turn that keeps your bp up..you have to learn to calm yourself down and not be fixated on it.

You ae not alone in this situation..so many peopke I know personally are anxiouse about there numbers. Got to get the "SO WHAT" attitude!

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