Doctors phone call

I was just on my last 5 minute exercise when the phone rang, so I answered it puffing and panting.

It was my doctor telling me the form I had asked him to fill in was ready, we ended up having a good 15 minute conversation about how I felt, my exercising, medication etc etc he even asked if I got depressed and if so make to an appointment go and chat with him.

It's know wonder he never runs on time at surgery, but I never complain because as today has shown he's human and takes time to reassure his patients something my consultant could do with a few lessons in.

Kim xxx

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  • That' great. I worry about it if a doctor runs to time-feel that they do not see the person just a condition. I'm lucky with my GP who always runs late because she spends time with a person & listens to their concerns, taking time to reassure them.

    Best wishes

    Jo :-)

  • Sounds like a good doctor to me.

    Lynne xx

  • Sounds like a good doctor to me too. x

  • Just like my doctor who actually rang because I hadn't requested emergency meds for a while there are some damn good ones out there and you are as lucky as me. I feel for those who have the useless ones


  • I have been very lucky, my previous doctor was just as good he drove the hospitals mad by sending everyone for test but like he always said I'm a G.P not a specalist, sadley he had to retire early because of his eyesight. Bless

    Kim xxx

  • Hang onto that one as he sounds like a diamond. xxx

  • Wow, wish I had a doctor like this. I am truly amazed. xx

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