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Follow up doctors & Respiratory physio

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Hi lovely people,

So had a face to face with my one of the doctors i see, I do have 3 doctors I see and they all share my care for mental health ect just telling him how I'm felling like I have been doing since I gave up smoking 3 years ago, whezzing from my throat he is in agreement with the British lung foundation nurses that the weezing is to do with gerd, as had camera down throat and there was evidence of reflux whenever I do see doctor my lungs always clear ect my my respiratory physio I've been working with for several months watches how I breath and points out sometimes my shoulders are tence and I breath through my chest most of the time and because I've been breathing that way for so long that's my normal breathing patern then I get a host of symptoms BLOUTING, SIGHING, ALOT YAWNING ALOT GET VERY BREATHLESS AT REST ESPECIALLY LAYING ON MY BACK AND WITH GENERAL EXERCISE, so I guess people can understand why I think it's copd because I get breathless very easy over the past few months I've had all 3 doctors say the same thing your YOUR RESULTS ARE REALLY GOOD, AND ALL THREE DOCTORS HAVE ALSO SAID YOU PROBABLY WILL NEVER NEED AN INHALER YOU GAVE UP SMOKING AT THE RIGHT TIME. I find it hard to take in as im constantly feeling breathless I have to start thinking positively about things I really do. Can anyone else understand why I'm thinking and feeling like this as my symptoms seem worse than what they are I also said to my doctor about going private and he really didn't want me wasting money I mean I've had 3 x doctors a respiratory physio and dozens on blf nurses all tell me the same YOUR READINGS ARE GOOD YOU WALK ALOT CHEST XRAY NORMAL A YEAR AGO PEOPLE DO NOT GENERALLY SHOW SYMPTOMS TILL A LATER STAGE so I guess I have to learn to believe

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Ru seeing a counsellor re yr health anxiety Bryan?Hold onto what the doctors and nurses r telling you.also yr breathing physio.

Trust me,being told u DONT have lung disease is a massive positive.

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Hi patk1 thanks for responding back in 2016 I went to see a doctor a not a nice one at that I had a spirometry through work and it showed obstruction at the time so I showed the results to this doctor and he didn't want to even seen the paper work but he said its emphysema give up smoking or you will be in trouble in 10 years time that freaked me out, I new I had to give up so I did 4 years later, I do tick the boxes of being in the copd category that's why I feel so uncertain and these symptoms are horrible yes I have counciling but I can see what good that will do as you can't get rid of symptoms that's why I find it hard to believe anyone

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If u want to share results,Charlie G is v gd at interpreting thm and a cpl of others.Have u asked yr gp or nurses to give their view on them?

You did the best think stopping smoking.

Perhaps concentrate on yr mental health,continue with help for yr dysfunctional breathing.once yr anxiety is under control,u will feel a lot better.xx

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bryan45735 in reply to Patk1

Thanks patk1 I've uploaded my 2 spirometry maybe Charlie would be so kind to reassure me again

I hope you can take all the positives Bryan and learn to live a long and happy life. Thinking of you and wishing you well. Xxx

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Thanks sassy59 xxx

Hi Bryan have you tried different breathing exercises to see if that helps

Hello Bryan, I can't add any useful advice, but lots of good wishes. I do envy you your long walks. Mine are usually very short. 🙁😤🥱 xxx

Bryan, you are beginning to move in a positive direction. I know that has not been easy for you but I do hope that you continue and that as you feel better your breathing becomes easier. Well done. Take care Grace

I'm glad you are getting more help. If you have been told by three doctors and other professionals that you don't have copd I would believe that diagnosis.

Hi Bryan, I was getting the same message from pulmonologist. But I could tell there must be some else going on because of my breathing. My GP mentioned a patient she had that had a fungus in her lungs, so I asked my pulmonologist for a sputum test. What they found was a rare lung infection called stenotrophomonas maltophilia. This is an antibiotic resistant infection which is difficult to treat. There are also other infections that are similar and difficult to treat as well. I also have acid reflux with hiatal hernia and my pulmonologist thinks the acid or stomach contents are aspirating into my lungs. I also have an esophageal manometry and 24 hr. ph. impedance test scheduled to see if I am a candidate for acid reflux surgery. So, I just want to encourage you to keep seeking answers for your breathing problems and leave no stone unturned. Just because some tests say your lungs aren't that bad, it doesn't mean there isn't a reason for your breathing symptoms. I hope this helps. Take good care.

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