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Rescue meds or not?

Hi, yes it's me again.

Different problem this time.

My other half has had a really bad cough for about 6 days now.he had no other symptoms before the cough appeared.just the cough.

I today have a really painful throat,especially when I eat,or just swallow.

Do I start my rescue pk,or wait and see if it gets any worse.

Thanks lovely people.


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I guess if you have rescue meds you have a plan! You should be able to recognise when you are loosing control and when you need to start your rescue meds!

As it is friday afternoon, why not ring your practice and see if you can get some advice?

I hope it is just a sore throat and disappears as fast as it came


Take your temp, inspect your sputum. Keep an eye on these things. The same happened to me. When I saw streaks of blood in my spit, I got out my rescue pack. Can you see your tonsils? Any white spots?


Kevi.my gp practice is pretty useless Hun.no,I don't have a plan.just if I get aches and pains especially my throat,I know that I'm normally in for a rotten few days.

Annie80.. No spots,but looks inflamed.so I've started a.biotics .prob won't start steroids unless I have to.

Better safe than sorry hey....



I am always disappointed when i hear that your healthcare provider may not provide the service that you want or need.

Ideally, you should aim to keep your COPD under control! When your COPD goes out of control you should be able to recognise it and know what to do and when to do it!

Whoever prescribed your rescue meds should have given you some advice! They also consider that you are capable of making the decision.

Whatever you decide, i wish you well!

When you are better, make sure you have a chat with your healthcare provider and understand under what circumstances you should start your rescue meds!


This is something I am never quite sure of if and when to use my rescue pack it's all very new to me, I was not well over last weekend, had a slight cough, some mucus but very little which was stringy difficult to cough up not suffered with phlem or mucus in over 6 months have had a pain in my right lung/back not sure if it is congestion or kidney infection as I think I may have another kidney infection I had both on my last and first enforced stay in hospital, my breathing has been very laboured and slight temp. I started them anyway as I know I have a sinus infection. Both my GP's at our practice have retired, we have two new ones who are more than useless and changing all my meds to different manufacturers so I have to contend with what may be side effects from other medication for other medical conditions.. Our community nurses are very vague about this when asked and one contradicts another


I have no idea what to look out for regarding an excacerbation apart from the normal.sore throat,shivers,temp.i never had rescue meds until I was getting ill every few months,and asking for meds from my gp.then my practice nurse said i really should have a rescue pk at home for when I get a flare up.

Now I take them at the slightest sign of anything out of the norm for me.

Maybe I should not be so quick off the mark hey.

Anyway,thanks for the replies.

Take care all.



Hi Fantasy

I am the same as you - the merest hint of something wrong and I'm out with the ABs and prednisolone. May Specialist says - "Hit it early and hit it hard!". Best regards Martin


Hi martin,

I did start on the ab's yesterday,but today,apart from a slight fuzzy head,I feel fine.

So,I'm going to do what they tell you not to do.stop taking them until I feel its necessary.

Getting on to a more important subject,your bike.....my other half is called martin,and we have just bought a 1300 pan European.she is beautiful.

I've not been on her yet as its been far too cold,but mart has.rides like a dream apparently.

Was hoping to get a go tomorrow as they keep saying its going to warm up,but I am not so sure.

Anyway,happy biking.



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