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Morrison, my rescued cat

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Morrison is glad my 1989 Jag XJS is now outside with covers on, it’s one of his favourite places to snooze and watch what goes by. Went out in it yesterday, it’s still going well. Number plate makes Gone with the Wind, and it does!

25 Replies
sassy59 profile image

Lovely Morrison and so happy to have a good snoozing place. How lovely to go out in your jag again Jean. Love and hugs Carole xxxx🤗❤️

Morrison10 profile image
Morrison10 in reply to sassy59

Thanks, he’s now moved back to bonnet in shade, was out all night, leave him food in Veranda, has cat flap that only opens for him. He’s a lucky boy!x

sassy59 profile image
sassy59 in reply to Morrison10

He’s a very lucky boy indeed Jean. 😽😺

cindyching profile image
cindyching in reply to Morrison10

👋 Morrison10, Your beautiful 🐈 is having a great time 👍. Are you having a microchip cat flap?

Morrison10 profile image
Morrison10 in reply to cindyching

Yes, have a cat flap that only opens for his chip. Had to put it in as another cat was getting in, eating his food, and leaving his scent, peeing. He’s called Morrison as was found on a Morrison’s car park where he’d been staying for 6 winter months. My daughter, 6 days after my husband died, saw him at vets who had nursed him back to health, operated on bite on his neck. There is sheltered housing opposite Morrison car park, so think his owner had died. He’s made himself very much at home, it was clear he was use to tables etc, as jumps onto kitchen table when wants food! Best regards, Jean xx

Greenthorn profile image
Greenthorn in reply to Morrison10

Smashing history?

Morrison10 profile image
Morrison10 in reply to Greenthorn

Yes would like to know Morrison’s history, pity he can’t talk!We were motorbikers, bought the Jag off friend when thought might not be able to ride much longer. Friend had had it from new, used it as long distance car. He sold to us when diagnosed with motor neurone disease. It’s not worth much, and is lovely to drive, I first drove it about 25 years ago. My daughter enjoys it too.

Greenthorn profile image
Greenthorn in reply to Morrison10

It sounds a dream ride?

Morrison10 profile image
Morrison10 in reply to Greenthorn

Yes, sit in seat not on it! Very comfortable. When take it classic car event, sometimes someone will come look, say he worked on it when manufactured. It’s very low and long, not easy in some car parks.

cindyching profile image

Hello again Jean. Oh I see, your kitty is called Morrison. If your kitty had mastered the art of speaking English, would want to thank you for saving his life and providing a safe home.

xx Cindy 💕

Damon1864 profile image

Hi e has a great napping place especially in this weather. Hope you have some wonderful journies in your jag. Have a great day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

HollyBoyd profile image

He certainly has a good position up there watching the world go by. Getting out in the Jag sounds great fun Jean, no doubt you have to make sure it's engine is turned over after a winter at rest? Enjoy your trips out xxx 😊

Morrison10 profile image
Morrison10 in reply to HollyBoyd

Yes engine started 1st time! It goes on charge regularly, and have trickle charger. I’m encouraging my younger daughter to practice getting it in and out garage, it just fits, pity wing mirrors don’t fold in. Morrison is sat on little table by my chair watching me Nebulise. Best regards, Jean x

HollyBoyd profile image
HollyBoyd in reply to Morrison10

Great company for each other Jean. xxx 😊

Stratos20 profile image

I’m just pleased you and Morrison found each other. 🐱😊

Morrison10 profile image
Morrison10 in reply to Stratos20

Thanks, he’s happy, and sometimes he’s in charge! Decides sometimes which way goes out and his butler has to oblige! Now watching me Nebulise Jean xx

Alberta56 profile image

What a lovely photo. I'm glad you gave the jag an outing. I'd be scared to have all that poke under the bonnet, but glad you're not. xxx

Threecats profile image

What a lovely cat😊 Morrison is one lucky puss to have found a home with you! Brilliant about taking the Jag for an outing too, that sounds great fun!

watergazer profile image

What history Morrison has and how he must love his life now. What a super car to have Jean. X

Thepainterswife profile image

Morrison is absolutely gorgeous 😍 and you’re so lucky to have that car !

dunnellon profile image

He's a gorgeous cat! Would love to see the Jag without the tarp!

Izb1 profile image

What a lovely cat and so glad you rescued him and what a pleasure it must be to drive your fab car x

Morrison10 profile image

Here is a photo taken last year of Jag with Morrison

Cornishman1966 profile image

Beautiful. The cat, not the car. 😊

Morrison10 profile image
Morrison10 in reply to Cornishman1966

thanks, I think both beautiful, and enjoy having them!

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