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It's 4 in the morning!!

4.15 am What the hell am I doing wide awake! It is very dark out there matches my mood! Have been up about 1 hour and I don't know why because I am really tired but I can't switch my brain off.

Bit stupid because I have actually been feeling quite good the last few days. I had a lovely conversation with my doctor on Monday when she phoned me to ask if I needed anything because get this - I haven't had to ask for antibiotics or steroids for 4 months! I actually hadn't realised how long it had been since my last bout obviously my new regime is really working and I walked down to the corner of my road with a friend. So why has my mood changed so suddenly I wish I could make sense of me!!

I know I am so much luckier than a lot of you on here, I have family, friends, a home and no money worries so I have so much I should be celebrating so why can't I?

So sorry my sense of humour has sort of disappeared but I am going to send out a search party and hopefully I will have found it by normal waking up time.


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'morning ladies :) Can I join the early morning party please ?

I don't usually awake until around 10.30am in the morning, but here I am wide awake since 6 !! It must be something in the air overnight :( lol I get a lot of 'low' days but always go with the flow, what you can't change isn't worth worrying about and the things we can change are for the better and make us feel good.

Stick with it you two, it probably won't last more than a couple of days ......... hopefully :)

Keep on keeping on ...


good morn 2 u.thank u.for sayin what we cant change.when u c it in writing of another person with copd. perked me up that.now i think of what can i do.and im doing it 2 the full


Way to go caroll !!! *thumbs up*


A party this early ? :)


and why not Puff ;) any time's a good time to party ! *passes Puff a cuppa*


Thanks for the cuppa ! Best way to start the day ! :)


You're most welcome :)


Chin up Jan. I'm always awake by 5.30, but that's when my husband gets up for work. So I don't get back to sleep after that and sometimes I'm getting up too to work myself.

It's horrible lying awake like that though, thoughts start creeping through the mind, don't they.

I am sure your sense if humour is just hiding for a little while lol.

Lynne xx


Happens to me too, regularly. Usually two or three times a week, and yes it does get you down, I get up and make a cup of tea, then read until I feel sleepy again. A really interesting book helps as it takes your mind away from the dark thoughts.


My body clock is the other way up. I don't wake too early (usually about 9) but that is probably because I don't actually fall asleep until 3 or 4 in the morning. Same reason though - thoughts flying through my head and unable to switch off the brain.


Hi Janet, I would like to put Pete on the party list so get the kettle on (I would have something stronger but Pete can't). He got up at 5 this morning partly due to peeing up to 8 times last night. Now has an appointment at hospital next Friday so hopefully will get some answers. It is odd how our minds just won't let us rest and I have no idea why. Pete is often restless and gets so, so tired that his quality of life is affected. I hope you have a better night tonight and rest easy. xxxxx


After a 2 and a half month spell in intensive care I learned to sleep through all the alarms and beeping machines so waking up is more my problem now. I can quite easily sleep for 12 hours but sometimes even after this I can still feel tired. I don't think you'll ever see me chatting on this forum before 9.30am, if you ever do its not me, its an imposter. Hope you have found your sense of humour as it will be missed by us all. I hope you get plenty of zzzzzzzzzzzzz tonight Janet :) xx

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I'm awake at 5 am every morning, put the kettle on hoping that the noise will wake OH up and he'll make me a cup of tea, end up making it myself.

My mood can change overnight, felt so good yesterday today I feel very low. It is very damp, cold and dark here in Shropshire maybe that's the reason (always blame it on the weather)

Wendells (Aus) was going to send us some sun, she only seems to send it every other day.

Lib x


I wake early everyday because of another illness which means that i can only sleep as long as the pain killers work. It seems bad to say it but it helps to know that there are others doing and feeling the same as me. I have a kettle next to the bed so i can have a drink withour waking my husband who moved out of the bedroom cos he was fed up with the early waking even the dog looks at me in disgust. My usual waking time is 3ish and then I have to wait until the tablets start to work. I will check to see if anyone else is up and on line in future. I am hving an up day today hope it lasts. Thanks for listening x


Tuesday evening feeling sleepy went to bed looking forward to a good nights sleep. Pulled the quilt up nice and snug and PING eyes shot open and it was game over for the night. Got up at 5am disgusted with the world had a cup of tea and half a pack of biscuits. Happens to us all I guess. Still I was lucky had a few hours babysitting my active toddler granddaughter, as luck would have it she didnt have her usual morning sleep. Ah well at least I coild give her back.


You are suffering with my husbands complaint!!! He did use the RESCUE night remedy for a bit and that worked quite well - not so well this morning when he was up at 4.10am!!! Have no clue as to the answer - maybe a good book, or if you have a TV in your room put the news on very quietly that is a good sedative!! Hope you had a better night last night. TAD xx


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