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Good morning

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Hi and good morning everyone, I hope you are all well and keeping warm. Well my youngest grandson is in the children's hospital at Sheffield having his thumb put back together. His friend accidentally slammed the door on him. He is being ever so brave bless him. I will let you kn ow how he gets on. Thank you for all the lovely kind messages you have all sent me. I am really grateful to you all. Have a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻💖

27 Replies
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Oh bless him Bernadette, poor little chap. I’m sure he’ll be ok in time. His friend must feel terrible but accidents happen.

You take care and keep warm.

Love, Carole xxx👍❤️

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Hope they're able to sort it for him.thinking of u Bernadette - we always worry about them xxx

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Poor little boy - hope everything goes well Bernadette

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Bernadette that’s awful for him bless his heart! Sheffield - my old stomping ground!!

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Oh no, poorlamb! I hope he's home soon telling everybody how brave he has been.

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I automatically said ''ouch'' as I read about your grandson's thumb. Hopefully he will heal quickly and soon be back to normal xx

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Izb1 in reply to Morrison10

It really is time this was sorted out, what are they doing about it x

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Oh poor little boy. Hope it gets sorted & he comes home soon x

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I hope he makes a speedy recovery ❤️

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Wishing your grandson a speedy recovery. Sending love xxSheila 💕⚘

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Oh no poor lad, and another ouch; don't trapped fingers and toes just hurt like the worst 😢. Get well soon son ❤

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Oh poor thing. I bet that hurt! Hope it all goes well x

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Oh no, your poor grandson, and his parents. I feel for him. Having a child going through surgery is the most scary thing (my daughter had 14+ operations as a child). Sending gentle hugs.

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Aaaargh ...that must be so painful. I had a door slam on my 4th finger in my last year working at a school. Thankfully only the fingertip. The nail went black and in time grew out and a new nail grew. I was 70 at the time. But once the new nail had formed, i felt like a new man. I had been regenerated. New life from old. I hope your grandson recovers day by day. I send him healing vibes. ❤️

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Morning Bernadette. Hope the bairn feeling a bit more settled and 🤞pain free. These things happen with children, it's amazing how they recover so well. It's us , especially grandparents who need the sedative and wish it was us not them! Look after yourself and Jack. Stay well. Best wishes. Dawn.xx

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Ouch! Poor lad! I hope all goes well for him and his thumb is completely fixed. xx Moy

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I winced when I read that. I hope he gets all the treatment he needs and soon recovers.xx

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Makes my toes curl just thinking about this, hope he gets better soon x

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Not a bad place to be Sheffield, whether it`s the Children`s hospital or either of the other two Northern general and Hallamshire. Not been in the city centre for quite a number of years but the new development round Castlegate looks brilliant. Might try to make a detour when we are in UK for a wedding later this year. We don`t need to visit family as most will be at the wedding so can perhaps please ourselves what we do, and where we go. Kelham island is also on the list with return visit to The Fat Cat pub. Used to eat there regularly about 40 years ago. I must be getting old. have a good day, Chris.

watergazer profile image

Oh gosh. Poor boy bet that was painful. Hopefully all will be well Bernadette xx

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Hope your grandsons thumb is starting to to feel better now after his accident. Bet he got a badge at the hospital for being so brave. Enjoy the rest of your day. xx

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Poor Brave Little boy, he will need a big treat when his thumb is back to normal. Speedy recovery to him. Bernardine 🥰🤗🤗🤗🤗

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Oh my goodness I'm so sorry to hear this what a nightmare for you and your family 💙🩵💜

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aww! Poor little boy. Xxx

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Oh dear. That is so worrying. I hope the little lad is recovering and that all his loving grown-ups are bearing up after what must have been a dreadful shock. xxx

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