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As i,m new to all this,,i see some people say they have tendonitus,,i,m suffering with my fingers can,t bend my thumbs and a few other fingers,,because i have bad arthritus my doc thinks that what it is,,but i,m not so sure because it feels like my tendons won,t stretch,,i,m on,diclofenic,and take omeprozle with them,and am mucodyne and amitriptyine,,and inhalers spiriva ventolin and fostair as and when required,,would any of these cause tendonitus

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My fingers get stuck out straight when I am sewing sometimes but I put it down to the job I did until I retired 3 years ago!

Carole x

I cannot straighten my middle finger on one hand I have a hard lump at the base and many more over the palm of my hand, I am getting them on my other hand now I thought it was down to so much typing over the years but is this tendonitis. I am told they can inject into the lump but it is very painfull.


I also have tendonitis in my fingers (which I attributed to 20yrs pounding on a keyboard) but now wonder if there is a connection with my mild COPD and hiatus hernia. The date of onset co-incides with diagnosis and taking seretide and omeprazole, both potent drugs. Speculation maybe but, as we know, the side effects of medication are not fully appreciated/understood/reported.

Best solution for me : I have steroid injections in palm of my hands by GP when they get very swollen and painful and the fingers start to "trigger". Very effective. I also do lots of stretching exericses for my hands every day. And I never carry heavy shopping now as this aggravates the tendonitis.

Hope this helps, Joany.

I to noticed this earlier when doc put me on Amitrptyline,,also have a hiatus hernia,,that seems ok since i got omeprazole,,but my hands drive me nuts at the moment,,just cannot grip anything in my right hand,,doc won,t do anything till i see the consultant,,and thats the end of april,,but i suppose the good side is seems i,m creeping up to my 60 th birthday, my daughter said she would buy me a jazzy shopping trolley,,lol,,gotta love your kids

I have tendonitis in both my thumbs, seems to be a trend here.

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