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Talking about Medication

I guess I have taken most of the medications mentioned on this site but have settled (for some time) on Symbicort (three puffs a day) and Spiriva (one puff). Atrovent, Ventolin either as a MDI or nebuliser really have no noticeable effect. Also tried OnBrez but it made my breathing worse (like a lead weight on my chest for about an hour). Occasionally take Prednisolone when I feel an infection coming on. Also take a daily dose of 250 mg of Azithromycin (which is both an anti-inflammatory and also is reported a reducing the instance of exacerbations - I did stop for a few months and then had an exacerbation - maybe just a coincidence but went back to it). With some 45 new drugs in various stages of testing I am hopful that something good will turn up. We can't get Spiriva Respimat in Oz due to limits on Health Fund spending (sound familiar!).

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Hi Martin, like you, I use Symbicort 400 2 puff twice a day, Spiriva, Ventolin (I wish I had a £1 for everyone who says it does nothing, does nothing for me either!), I also have uniphyllin and carbocisteine (a mutolytic) and presently on prednisolone and abs. Whenever I've agreed to try a new inhaler, like you, I always end up worse off so am reluctant to try anything new anymore and I'll probably end up missing out on something wonderful! Libby


Hi Libby

I'm sure the graprevine will run hot when a new effective drug hits the market.

Take care



Hi Martin,

I too have to take 1 Spiriva puff per day, and take Symbicort 200 twice a day. They helped a lot at first, but not so good now - to be fair my COPD has got worse (now only 23%).

However my doc also prescribed an Airomir Inhaler to be used as and when I require it - when we go out for a walk I take 2 puffs, but can repeat every 2 hours if needed. There are a max. number you can do per day. This does help a bit and is in addition to Symbicort and Spiriva.

Have been thinking about one of those portable oxygen concentrators, but they seem to be very expensive, and the reports on them vary widely.

Good luck.


Hi, I just read your comment about Potable oxy Concentrators, I have one supplied by my specialist ,theIMOGEN2, ITS GREAT. i LOOKED IT UP AND COSTS APPROX £3400, a COUPLE OF YEASRS AGO I HAD OXY CYLINDER I HAD TO CARRY AROUND WITH ME IF I WANTED TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE, THEN i BOUGHT A PORTABLE CONCENTRATOR USED ON e bay This worked well till it needed servicing,even the cost of servicing is high. then they offered me the one i have now and find its great, i have the house set up for oxy in every room so i only need the portable to shop and socialise, I should mention that i live in POWYS so i would certainly see if you can be supplied with portable oxy. GOOD Luck i hope this will help you, take care in this cold weather, i have not been out since middle of November, waiting for Spring and warmer times



isn't Airomir salbutamol under a different name?


Hello Martin, are you on oxygen at home as the oxygen provider will let you have a portable cylinder to fill from a dewer which they supply. If not it is dangerous to use oxygen if it is not prescribed as you do not know what level you need etc.

Carole x


Hi Carole

No I am not on oxygen as 02 saturation is not a problem as I typically score between 97 and 98% at rest and even around 92-95% during exercise.


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