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The last couple of weeks have been so frustrating for so many reason, poor health is driving me to distraction, and after brief admission to hospital (apparently I know myself so well, that is quite okay to discharge me one hour after being admitted to hospital, despite being brought in by the big yellow mini bus unable to breath, and spending 3 hours in A & E having some potent drugs), still not well, and desperate to have my normal life back. As in pottering around the flat, Wandering around the locality walking the Lotbots, keeping up with regular phototherapy treatments and studying. I know if I can get the treatment I so need that I could have been back on top by now, but have fought this battle locally for so many years and know I will never win. Putting my hope in another hospital where I have been cared for brilliantly has kept me going, Been waiting on a decision from them for a while, and a couple of days ago received a letter which in my current state of mind just pulled me over the edge, had I been refused? No, quite simply several weeks later I was as much in the dark as I was at the beginning of the year. What does it have to take for the necessary people to talk to each other? Well out of sheer frustration I got the hospital PALs involved, and this morning someone who I used to know in a different position phoned me to discuss this hospital failing communications. I feel somewhat better that someone has listened, he knows me from old and knows not the kind to yell unless there is a need.

Patient care is of course important when you are an inpatient, but when you are outside in the community, the same level of care and compassion is just as important. I don't know how long things would have dragged on for if I hadn't have yelled, but I was at the point of quitting the one hospital I know that has the ability to make a difference.

I know that daily I will be affected by my symptoms, but I don't have to live days on end suffering when something can be done to help. I am happy to be independent and be self caring, but just sometimes I need a little help to achieve that.

On a happier note despite being so rubbish, dragged myself out with Lotbots yesterday to the local hospital and butter market, where the darling gets ruined with dog treats. Yes physically I felt crap and my breathing was awful but just seeing Lotbots tail wagging was great, poor little mite was getting quite cheesed off with not getting about checking out her social circle. Down side madam indulged so much that moi ended up cleaning up very sick doggie last night, who still has a rumbly tum tums today.

Hugs the Daxiecrew

PS all I need now is for my net book to comeback fully working, which is a bugger when it is just two weeks old. Don't envy my hubby in PC world tonight.

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I REALLY hope that things improve soon. xx


Although I have a cat, Betsy, I really like the sound of LotBot - these pets are such friends. Good to keep PALS in mind. Hope that things pick up very soon for you. XX


I really feel this as it all comes to a head when at the end of the tether gaining more importance than it would have had the times when care and compassion save a melt down.

Not alone and do what feels right at the time.


PALS can really help ... I asked them and also mentioned there could be a question in the House (of Commons) if I didn't get the proper treatment for my bro..... worked well and things got immeasurably better :)


((((((((hugs))))))))) for you Daxie and I hope things get sorted for you soon :)


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