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Anxiety twinges - post collapsed lung

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Hi everyone, posted a while back. I'm recovering from pneumothorax about seven weeks ago. Didn't have an operation but was in hospital for two weeks. First chest drain didn't work so had another one put in which was extremely painful. Then about two weeks after being discharged I got Covid.

I've been having a few twinges, a little bit of chest pain and occasional shortness of breath - but nothing like the shortness of breath I felt when the lung collapsed.

Anyway, I'm quite an anxious person so just been a bit worried about these twinges. I played tennis the other day and also went for a 10 min run - which I'm wondering has caused these twinges a bit, or set me back. I haven't really been doing any proper breathing exercises.

Basically, was wonderig if anyone could reassure me I'm okay!!

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Hi WestHham, if you are worried please speak to your GP as I can't give you that sort of assurance at least that way you will get the right advice and any treatment you may need. Please let us know how you get on have a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

Hi, I wonder if you had overdone it a bit with the tennis and a 10 minute run on the same day but I can't be sure. If the twinges continue it may be best to get a check up with your GP. In the meantime I think that doing breathing exercises on a regular basis will help.

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WestHam100 in reply to CDPO16

Thanks for this. Yes, I might have overdone it last week. It's frustrating as I was having a really positive week but this has sort of got in the way!

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CDPO16 in reply to WestHam100

Our bodies can have a way of telling us to take it easy.

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WestHam100 in reply to CDPO16

I love your pics by the way!

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CDPO16 in reply to WestHam100

Thank you

Hello WestHam100 we had a chat about this before because I nearly died last June from a pneumothorax given to me by a cardiologist attempting to put in a pacemaker. I have since been diagnosed with ptsd which resulted from the experience and is affecting every aspect of my life and so I understand your anxiety. I do get pain now and again( bad today) in the area where the drains went and I am anxious about my upcoming full spirometry at the hospital because I was told not to do one for 4 months after and 10 mths on am still not sure how safe it is. I am not sure how long you have to leave it before doing vigorous exercise - and tennis is beyond my capabilities anyway I'm afraid. As you are anxious it is probably wise to get the advice of a doctor about the exercise. My consultant seemed to take ongoing bouts of pain as par for the course.

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Ortho10 in reply to Littlepom

I agree, having those chest drains inserted under local still gives me flashbacks.

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Littlepom in reply to Ortho10

I was unconscious at the time because they had left it so long before acting on the pneumothorax but when I came to with the drains in the pain was awful. The pain that I get seems to follow the direction of the drains in my lung. I hope that your twinges get less and that you will soon feel confident to be active.

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Nelly_123 in reply to Ortho10

I vomited after having my chest drain put in under local, its really not a nice experience. Sorry to hear you have flashbacks about it.

I find the only way to know if I've overdone it is afterwards, when bits of me start to complain. But I don't want to be a couch potato ,and by the sound of it neither do you. Good luck in finding the right balance.

All I can tell you is that I had a pneumothorax (spontaneous) when I was 21 and am now 72. I did not have a drain as it re-inflated with bed rest. I've never had a problem since but I still get twinges, for example if I get indigestion it always hits that spot. I never had any treatment and was even told I could smoke 😖. Hope you get sorted quickly.

I have covid at present and have been told, moderate exercise.

I honestly don`t think tennis comes into the moderate category!

Take it easy for a while, give your body time to recover.

BTW, like the look of your dog, Whippet or Greyhound?

Hi there! And thanks so much for your message. And I hope Covid isn't treating you too badly. I actually got it a couple of weeks back and it wasn't much fun - particularly after just coming out of hospital. Yes, I think you are probably right. I tried to do things a bit too quickly, but just need to rein myself in a bit!!Thanks for noticing the pic! It's of our retired Greyhound called Bee. He'd very chilled and tends to sleep all day - despite being an ex-racer! So perhaps I need to take a leaf out of his relaxing book!

We started out with Afghan hounds and mini-wire dachs, then added whippets. In addition we also had persian cats and arab horses, and never any money. Our Affies went all over the world and we still see some of our offspring with friends in Spain. Whippets disappeared not that long ago but still have 2 minis, ensures that my wife who has bronchiectasis walks at least 3 x per day. Still have persian cats, and 3 horses, and even less money, but they do provide lots of fun and keep us out of mischief. Take care and enjoy walks with elderly greyhound, Chris.

I suffered a pneumothorax around 5 months ago and wax told by the hospital dr’s that going forwards I could moderately exercise but not to push myself, so maybe you did a little too much? I don’t know, chatting to your dr would be useful if your concerned.

I still get twinges too, it’s worrying sometimes isn’t it.

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WestHam100 in reply to Nelly_123

Hi Nelly, thanks for your email. I'm so sorry you had to go through the same thing. However, knowing that other people are experiencing the same things makes it feel a little better - does that make sense?

Ultimately though, I think I need to lay off the tennis for a bit.

These twinges do worry me - as I just think I've collapsed my lung again and am going to have to go through all the hospital treatment again. But being realistic its probably just my body reacting to the procedures still.

Thanks again for your message. Would be good to leep in touch!

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Nelly_123 in reply to WestHam100

Makes total sense. It’s why I’ve re-joined the forum today.

I’ve also worried that I’ve had small collapses since, I sometimes go through a day or two or extra breathlessness but not as severe as when it happened, I also haven’t had the pain in my shoulder like when it collapsed, but have had the strange tingling feeling I had on the days preceding it (don’t know if you had the same?), but I’ve been like… no I’m not going back to the hospital unless I have to 😂

Sadly I’m going back in for surgery next week to prevent another pneumothorax, so I’m going to have to go back to hospital now 🤦‍♀️

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WestHam100 in reply to Nelly_123

Oh wow. I really hope it goes well for you. Am sure it'll be all fine and hopefully you won't have to worry about it. I get occasional breathless but as you say nothing like the day it went when I couldn't get up the stairs without stopping. Also, yes the achey shoulder - I haven't had that but really remember it vividly! No tingling sensation I can think of but I seem to get so many odd sensations - which might be twinges or anxiety I can't quite keep up! I really hope it all goes well and this forum also helps. It's been great for me! Keep in touch!!

Sorry I disagree and I believe that it is important to continue to rebuild your lung capacity if you are able to do this. At the beginning of this year I suffered from empyema due to my non CF Bronchiectasis flare up which caused collapsed lung, air bubble trapped above my lung etc and yes I had two chest drains. In the end they could not get rid of the second abscess in between my shoulder and pleura. I was discharged after four weeks.

However the physio agreed with my exercise routines and told me to keep on exercising and going on brisk walks in the hospital and eventually outside the hospital, even with tube connected to me. Yes there was pain and my chest and it felt tight. When I left hospital I slowly increased my walking speeds on the treadmill and last week I went for a 10KM bicycle ride. The pain is barely noticeable now.

I am hoping to regain most of the lung capacity and will continue to exercise. I hope this helps you and it is important to strengthen your mind and body.

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