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Come dine with me

Tonight my step daughter and her boyfriend are coming and staying over. He loves cooking (more than she does) so we are having a sort of come dine with me. We are doing starter and dessert, they are doing main course. No idea what they plan.

Then they are bringing Balderdash for us all to play. Should be lovely, they are both in their mid twenties so its lovely they like spending time with us. We generally see more of my stepson, his partner and their lovely little boy. I'm so lucky that treat me as if I were their 'real' mother. I have known them since they were 5 though!

I will let you all know how it goes.

Lynne xx

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Oooooooh that sounds like a good evening Lynne :) hope you all have a great time and don't make the sarcastic comments that some of the "Come Dine With Me" contestants do ;) lol

No! But that programme is my guilty pleasure :D

lol ..... mine too :) ! Mind, I could slap some of them sometimes :O

I know! They can be so rude or uncaring.

Lynne, I am so jealous! Have a lovely evening, save me a doggy bag! Libby x

What a lovely evening that sounds, relax and enjoy. :) Auntymary xx

Nothing like a family gettogether. It doesn't happen as often as I would like. Not so long ago, we enjoyed a quiz evening. Good to get away from the TV love Annie80

To late for an invite!!!!

Enjoy, Lynne. xx

Sounds like a perfect evening :-) xx

Hope you had a wonderful time, how lovely for you! Knowing them since they were 5, i think you would qualify to be an honary Mother!! Lovely story xxxx

wow sounds good, hope you enjoyed. I like all these sort of programs

come dine with me.... whose house is the best, four in a bed and coachtrip

what these people put themselves up for 15 mins of fame.

great entertainment though

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