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Got me in the end.

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Hi its been a while but after over two years of avoiding the dreaded virus it's found us .Both me and James have tested positive but it seems really bad timing as meant to do Maths exam on Tuesday seems every time exams come up something stops me from doing them ,but as it's the fifth time of trying not sure it's going to make much difference as just not good with numbers .Mum's got her panic look as worried about us both but we both feel fine so fingers crossed it stays that way but that won't stop her sticking the oxygen meter on our fingers and thermonast in our ears .lol Hope everyone is keeping well .

20 Replies
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Fingers crossed that you will both sail through it.xx

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Oh no.Make sure you drink plenty,eat a bit if you can.

I think your mum is doing the right thing,keeping an eye on your says etc.

Tell mum to look after herself,as she doesn’t want to be ill herself.hugs Toyota all xx

Damon1864 profile image

Fingers crossed for you both that you feel better very soon. I'm sure you will get to sit the exam soon and you will pass. You both take care and have a good day 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻💖

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Oh that’s a bummer sweetheart. Hope you are both not affected too much and Mum stays lergy free. Let us know how you get on please.


sassy59 profile image

Sorry to hear your news Pokermon but hopefully you and James will be fine in no time. Hoping your mum stays well. Take care xxxx

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So sorry to hear that, but it does seem to be rife.Most of the people who get it (including me) seem to have it mildly.

All the best


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Hope you and James will recover soon and that your mum will be ok xx

peege profile image

Oh dear, keeping everything crossed that you and James will be mild cases and back to normal asap- so you'll have another chance at the maths exam 😘!

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oh dear I hope its not toobad, some people don't know that they have it so don't worry about it . you will be able to try again but the time waiting is so trying. isn't it . good luck

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Ask to do exam at home,to avoid missing it.get well soon x

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Get well sooon.

Hope the exams can be rescheduled x

If that were me, I’d be delirious at the chance to miss the maths exam! Seriously, I’m sorry you & James have succumbed, and even more sorry for your poor mum. I hope she doesn’t go down with it too😕x

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Hope you don't feel too bad, keep drinking plenty and rest . Take care x

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Sorry to hear both you and James have the dreaded covid, thankfully it is now a mild form so fingers crossed you will both be ok, bless your mum for looking after you both x

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Keeping fingers crossed that you and James will be ok Pokermon. It seems to be affecting people differently whatever your age or health. Take care. Try to rest. Drink plenty of fluids. X

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Your mum must be worried on your behalf so I hope that this all passes soon.

The maths exam will wait and I am sure that you will take it soon and succeed.

Take care of yourself.


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It does seem that the minute all us 'shielders' poke our noses out the lurgy gets us. Stay warm and keep hydrated and you both should recover soon. The exam can wait, hopefully you can take it when you are recovered.

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Hope you are both soon on the mend and that your mum avoids it. It doesn't seem fair that you should get it twice. xxx

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All best wishes to you both - hope it will stay a mild version x

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Hope you'll soon get back to normal. Glad it hadn't affected you too much so far.

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