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Pneumonia/asthma = mucus ?

I had pneumonia two years ago and took nearly eight months to resolve with doses of steroids, at the same time on a lung function test was diagnosed with asthma. When trying specialist was trying to diagnose why my pneumonia they performed a lung biopsy.

Every since then everyday I have been coughing up mucus which is constantly green this has been tested for infection but confirmed normal no infection. When to gp and they said it was post nasal drip causing this and put me on nasal steroids but I have no symptoms of this. Has anyone ever had this after contracting pneumonia??

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I can only suggest you try the BLF helpline. Ask to speak to one of the nurses - 03000 030 555.

I. Had phumonia in april last year it was diagnosed in august at same time as I was. Diagnosed with emphysima I stilll have the symptoms still even tho I have been. On steroids since july and am on my 17 course of antibiotic

Just wondered if you have had a ct scan Littlenat. X

The standard test for a lung infection tests for bacteria, not virus. So you can have clear test results, but still have a viral infection.

I have had a ct scan and didn't show anything up, the consultant and gp say I have postnatal drip even though I have no symptoms. I cough up everyday green mucus but get told I have no infection. I did not have this prior to the pneumonia or lung biopsy, but have suffered ever since have been prescribed nasal steroids but still continues. I can feel it sitting on my chest and that I need to cough very hard to clear. Just so frustrating !!! Thx guys for the advice I will definetly speak to the blf nurse and see what they say, as I don't know whether this us also linked to the asthma??

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