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Cracked rib saga

Ribs hurt such alot after a week, Dennis had to call out of hours Doc Friday, paramedic arrived put a nebuliser on me and sats went up to 93 from 66, stabled at 91 and as everything else was fine and breathing back to normal decided not to admit me. GP came to see me Monday, have a chest infection now on a-bs coughing up alot of gunge which really hurts my ribs, all this because of the cracked ribs, he's prescribing stronger painkiller. Told me not to take steroids unless absolutely necessary, hopefully won't need them. Asked about a nebuliser and again he said not good to have one a home actually the paramedic said that as well because they are a last resort.

I'm worried about de-conditioning, lost a stone already and muscle, just too painfull to move about and get more breathless because of the ribs.

Anyway - onwards and upwards - it could be worse.

Lib x

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Ooh, poor you. If I had a magic wand hun I'd wave it in your direction but the only one i got is my daughters toy lol!

I hope you get better soon, as you know with ribs, all you can do is rest and any slight movement is really painful so fingers crossed the painkillers will kick in and do some good x


Poor soul, I know what that's like, I broke two ribs earlier this year. The pain is awful, hope you get better soon. x


Cracked ribs are awful. Luckily for me, mine were in the summer so I didn't get other problems as the weather was better.

lynne xx


Ouch feel really for you - my daughter gave me a bear hug and lifted me up - in fun accidently causing bruising of the ribs and muscles by shaunting up my rib-cage and that was painful enough and made me feel breathless thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery. BBxx


Dear Libby so sorry you are going through this, tell your doc of your concern about the de-conditioning and the weight loss if she/he is not already aware, see if you can access the community matron and the OT services (occupational therapy team) to help you at this time.

Take good care and hope you are feeling better soon.


Take care and get well soon x


A cracked rib has to be one of the most painful experiences ever; as bad as the excruciating pain of Pleurisy!

If you're OK to take strong painkillers that will definitely help a bit and a warm hot water bottle placed on the rib area is wonderful.

It'll heal in time Libby but I've had a cracked rib, from coughing, twice now and I can really appreciate the pain you're in . . . . .

Has anyone ever asked you to have a Bone Density scan 'cos of your cracked ribs? I was asked and this 'Post' has reminded me that I must do something about booking one up :)

Get well soon.


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